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The Swimming Community Remembers Fran Crippen

One year ago today the competitive swimming world lost an amazing friend, athlete and talent. Crippen was swimming the last of a series of FINA 10k open water races in the United Arab Emirates and at the end of the race his absence was noticed by teammate Alex Meyer. Presumably... Continue reading "The Swimming Community Remembers Fran Crippen" »

The Girlie Show with Lauren Crocker, Marlow Donohue and Matt Garcia

Three's company and its a party! What's happens when two ladies and a single man mix? Listen in! Its the Girlie Show, MTR Radio live Tuesdays at 5:00 follow the show on twitter @the_girlie_show and their website 10_18_11 with bromance segment to fill <<<< click to listen on Demand! Continue reading "The Girlie Show with Lauren Crocker, Marlow Donohue and Matt Garcia" »

WLJ: Still Misbehavin'

I don't have much to say about my "progress" this week. I was not on my best WW behavior. I wasn't very disciplined with my workouts, and I made some poor food choices. So I'm not at all surprised that I had a gain. But I'm not beating myself up... Continue reading "WLJ: Still Misbehavin'" »

WLJ: Poor planning = poor progress

I've read this quote a few places, but it's never felt so applicable as it has this past week. With my busy, on-the-go fall, I've slacked on my weekly meal planning. Last week, nothing in my fridge or cupboards sounded good or easy enough for a lunch. So what did... Continue reading "WLJ: Poor planning = poor progress" »

Wes Welkah’s Parallel Universe in New England

DATELINE: HUMOR! One of the lesser-sung heroes of the New England Patriots as this season progresses is Wes Welker, the favorite receiver of Tom Brady. On a pace after four games to shatter all kinds of yardage and reception records held by the likes of Jerry Rice, Wes Welker remains... Continue reading "Wes Welkah’s Parallel Universe in New England" »

Red Necks Sing-A-Long With Red Sox; Root Cause of Collapse is not Root Beer

Red Sox Red Necks Like Root Beer! DATELINE: HUMOR! Larry Lucchino and John Henry, part of the ownership of the Boston Red Sox, were shocked, shocked, shocked, on Friday to see the music video by Kevin Fowler called “Hell, yeah, I like beer.” This musical masterpiece extols the country-western dictum... Continue reading "Red Necks Sing-A-Long With Red Sox; Root Cause of Collapse is not Root Beer" »

The Girlie Show Podcast 10/5/2011

The Girlie Show's new Podcast is available. You can listen on's new 24/7 online radio station by clicking here, or by subscribing to our Podcast in iTunes. (or search for or by clicking on the link below! Listen to The Girlie Show on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday... Continue reading "The Girlie Show Podcast 10/5/2011" »

The NFL is Bleeding Pink

For the NFL Breast Cancer Awareness month is in full swing. Players from every team are representing the month by wearing pink gear. Anything from pink shoes, to pink gloves and pink wristbands have been seen across the teams. Did I mention the game balls also have the ribbon on... Continue reading "The NFL is Bleeding Pink" »

WLJ: Running on emotions

Apparently, I'm applying the peck away method to my weight-loss. Experts say it's safe to lose two pounds a week, but I'm averaging about one pound a week right now. A little bit here, and a little bit there. Sometimes it works in baseball, and I'm not afraid of extra... Continue reading "WLJ: Running on emotions" »

WLJ: Staying On Track On the Road

The biggest hurdles for me in this journey are vacations/weekend trips. And I've had a lot of them since I started on my weight-loss road. Even if I tell myself I'm going to be really good, I'm never as good as I set out to be. I learned that early... Continue reading "WLJ: Staying On Track On the Road" »

WLJ: Out of commission

Allergies struck me late last week, keeping me from working out on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Let me tell you -- I felt like a slug. Not because of the allergies (although those certainly kept me tired), but because I wasn't active. That's a real testament to the changes... Continue reading "WLJ: Out of commission" »

WLJ: A little bit better

I was on slightly better behavior this past week. Although, I still wasn't very good, so I fully expected a gain or a hold-steady. I was surprised with yet another loss. The universe clearly loves me right now. Thank goodness. I really was pretty good though. I only went out... Continue reading "WLJ: A little bit better" »

There’s show business …and then there’s the NFL

Its time to step off Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, your time is up. You two Studs have never engaged in a shootout seen last night. I’m saying--you guys have been brilliant for stretches of play in head to head battles over the years ---but never over four quarters— have... Continue reading "There’s show business …and then there’s the NFL" »

MTR Biggest Loser Contest: Getting into the Routine

The first few days of a lifestyle change are the hardest. Yesterday and today were no exception for me. Hunger, soreness, temptation, change of routine, I had it all. After eating well during the day yesterday, I had a rough night. On the way to the Phillies game we decided... Continue reading "MTR Biggest Loser Contest: Getting into the Routine" »

WLJ: Behaving badly

I've been pretty bad this week. I didn't track my points. I went out to eat about five times. I only worked out twice. All this considered, I knew I deserved whatever gain I had. To my astonishment, I actually had a loss. A small one. But it was still... Continue reading "WLJ: Behaving badly" » Video Corner

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