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BBQ Tips & Recipes for the Week

For all you foodies out there, I will be posting weekly BBQ and grilling tips and tricks along with recipes for some kick ass meals you can make at home. Some recipes will be for items to make in your smoker, others for on your grill as well as some... Continue reading "BBQ Tips & Recipes for the Week" »

Rack of Lamb Recipe

Want to do something different for your next family meal? Sick of making the same thing over and over when your family comes over? Add Rack of Lamb to your repertoire. So many people are intimidated by making rack of lamb. Don't be one of them with this easy recipe... Continue reading "Rack of Lamb Recipe" »

New England Clam Chowder Atlantic City Style!

Here is an exceptional recipe for New England Clam chowder that is easy to make and will leave your friends and family wanting more! They won't even care about your entree after this culinary masterpiece! This recipe is straight from New Jersey though so let's give credit where credit is... Continue reading "New England Clam Chowder Atlantic City Style!" »

Pepper Saute'd Salmon

Need an easy yet elegant seafood recipe? This one is South Beach Phase 2 friendly as well! Enjoy! Salmon Ingredients: Olive Oil 4 skinned salmon fillets 1/2 teaspoon Kosher salt 1/4 Teaspoon Black Pepper Saute' Ingredients: Olive Oil Finely sliced small onion 1 7 ounce Bottle Roasted Red Peppers -... Continue reading "Pepper Saute'd Salmon" »

Jersey's Best New York Cheesecake

Many call it New York Cheesecake but this recipe is straight from New Jersey and the best cheesecake that you will ever make or eat. I call it Jersey Shore Cheesecake. Crust Ingredients: 1 1/2 cups graham cracker crust (optional use oreo cookie crust instead) 1/4 cup Sugar 1 teaspoon... Continue reading "Jersey's Best New York Cheesecake" »

Baked Dijon Salmon

Here is an easy salmon filet recipe that will make dinner easy and the family happy! Ingredients: 4 Salmon Fillets 3 Tablespoons Dijon Style Mustard Salt and Pepper to taste 1/4 Cup Italian Breadcrumbs 1/4 Cup melted Butter Directions: Line baking sheet with aluminum foil Place Salmon skin side down... Continue reading "Baked Dijon Salmon" »

Jersey Shore Pizza - Easy Recipe

Millions have been to the New Jersey shore and enjoyed the World Famous Pizza. Do you want to take the best pizza in the World home with you? Here is a recipe that will make you think you are still on the boardwalk. My only disclaimer is that you will... Continue reading "Jersey Shore Pizza - Easy Recipe" »

Bill's Famous French Toast

I started making this recipe when I was in high school. If you want to make a fabulous breakfast, you have to make French Toast part of it. This recipe is sure to please your entire crowd. Ingredients: 10 Slices of Bread 4 Eggs 1 Stick Butter 1 Teaspoon Ground... Continue reading "Bill's Famous French Toast" »

Mouthwatering Meatballs

Ready to make your next pasta meal magical? Sick of buying frozen meatballs that don't measure up? Here is an easy meatball recipe that will have your family and friends raving and begging you for the recipe. Ingredients: 1 Pound of Ground Chuck. (I prefer 80/20) 4 Ounces of Italian... Continue reading "Mouthwatering Meatballs" »

Crockpot Stuffing Like You Have Never Had!

Many of us cooking turkey like my Citrus Roasted Turkey and do not cook our stuffing inside the turkey. Here is a recipe using a crockpot which is sure to make everyone at your table rave. We had this recipe for Thanksgiving this year and several people told me it... Continue reading "Crockpot Stuffing Like You Have Never Had!" »

Atlantic City Vegetable Sub

Being from the Atlantic N.J. area I am lucky enough to enjoy the best subs and sandwiches in the world. While you may not be able to get the world famous Atlantic City bread in your area, you can still make this succulent and nutritious treat. For me I don't... Continue reading "Atlantic City Vegetable Sub" »

The Best Tomato Sauce This Side of Italy

Ready to be the talk of your next Italian meal? Start with a great sauce. Everyone will rave as you use this sauce for spaghetti, lasagna, chicken or veal parm, etc. Its easy to make and will impress everyone who tries it! Cut 4 cloves of garlic very thin. Saute... Continue reading "The Best Tomato Sauce This Side of Italy" »

Perfect Pumpkin Pie

Everyone at a holiday meal looks for the best part of the event. Dessert! And what is a more traditional dessert for a holiday meal than Pumpkin Pie. Sure you can go the easy route and get a Mrs. Smiths, but why do that when making a pumpkin pie is... Continue reading "Perfect Pumpkin Pie" »

A Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe: Citrus Roasted Turkey

The first year that I hosted Thanksgiving I looked for a recipe that would make my turkey something people would rave about. I had never been a big fan of turkey so it was more about my guests than it was me. What I learned from my research was that... Continue reading "A Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe: Citrus Roasted Turkey" »

Best Baby Back Ribs Anywhere!

Getting ready to entertain for the big game? Want an excuse to fire up the grill this weekend? Whatever the case, you can't go wrong with these awesome ribs. Of course by my name for them you can tell what I cook them most for! Phightin' Phils Ribs Ingredients 2... Continue reading "Best Baby Back Ribs Anywhere!" » Video Corner

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