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Steve Jobs Dead at 56

Apple cofounder Steve Jobs has passed away at age 56. The leader of Apple had been battling cancer since 2004 and stepped down from leading the company on August 24. Apple named October 14, 2011 Steve Jobs day. That will be the same day as the iPhone 4s is released.... Continue reading "Steve Jobs Dead at 56" »

Death of the American Space Program and American Exceptionalism

Since the 1950’s, the American Manned Space Program has been the technological tip-of-the-spear that has kept the United States well ahead of the world wide curve when it came to technology development. Many advances in medicine, electronics and computer can be directly connected to NASA and the Space Program. From... Continue reading "Death of the American Space Program and American Exceptionalism" »

iPhone 5/4S could be in 1080P

Future iPhones and iOS devices should feature 1080P HD videos due to innovations in iOS 5. When Steve Jobs and Apple introduced iOS 5 earlier this week, the ability to play 1080P videos were not mentioned, but new developments in beta testing have proved otherwise. Apple consumers are very tech-savvy,... Continue reading "iPhone 5/4S could be in 1080P" »

iCloud announced at WWDC

Apple introduced the iCloud, which will revolutionize Mac usage. Continue reading "iCloud announced at WWDC" »

Apple introduces iOS 5 at WWDC

The iOS was announced Monday and it will revolutionize iPhone and iPad use. Continue reading "Apple introduces iOS 5 at WWDC" »

What Would You Do For An iPad 2?

Chinese teen sells organ for iPad! Continue reading "What Would You Do For An iPad 2?" »

Infinity Blade update released for iOS

An update was released today for Infinity Blade, the popular iPhone and iPad app that now allows for online multiplayer. Infinity Blade was originally released last year to outstanding reviews, and set records for app sales in its first week of release. This new update adds the online multiplayer and... Continue reading "Infinity Blade update released for iOS" » Mobile App has now gone mobile! Go to to get an app for your phone. It's free and it has alerts so that you'll know whenever has anything new. What could be better? Soon to be available for the iPhone! Continue reading " Mobile App" »

EA iPhone games on sale for $1

EA iPhone games are on a major sale this weekend on the Apple App Store. Electronic Arts games are some of the best iPhone games including the Sims, Madden NFL, Dead Space and other hits that gamers of all age enjoy. Hardcore Gamers particular love EA games, as Madden NFL... Continue reading "EA iPhone games on sale for $1" »

iPhone 5 to begin production in July

The first concrete details have emerged on the iPhone 5. Originally not thought to be released this year, several rumors have surfaced over the past few weeks pointing towards a September release of the iPhone 5, which the latest rumors also support. The iPhone 5 has been a hot topic... Continue reading "iPhone 5 to begin production in July" »

iPhone 5 to be introduced in September

The iPhone 5 should be announced in September. Continue reading "iPhone 5 to be introduced in September" »

Otterbox Reflex Series iPhone case review

Anyone who owns an iPhone 4 knows they need a good case to protect the device, and stop the death grip that plagues iPhone’s signal strength. Otterbox’s Defender is already a great case, which provides maximum protection for a rugged lifestyle, but it can be a bit heavy at times.... Continue reading "Otterbox Reflex Series iPhone case review" »

Sony making camera sensor for iPhone 5

Sony will make an eight megapixel camera sensor for the iPhone 5. Continue reading "Sony making camera sensor for iPhone 5" »

More than 100 books on one little tablet: Book your e-reader now!

My wife told me she was getting my daughter a 64 G IPod for Christmas. My daughter was due. She had a 2G Nano for about five years. I joked that if she got the new IPod, which was more Gs than my 16 G IPod touch, I joked I... Continue reading "More than 100 books on one little tablet: Book your e-reader now!" »

TV race schedules hit Android Market

As the weekend nears, race fans often find themselves searching various websites to find out exactly what time the green flag will drop for their favorite racing series and what television network will carry the race. For Android phone owners, there's now an app for that, thanks to SpeedWeekly. The... Continue reading "TV race schedules hit Android Market" » Video Corner

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