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How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Summer vacation is the stuff of dreams. In elementary school it's a lifetime of water balloon fights and slowly driving your parents crazy. Once you hit high school, it's a chance to make some cash for the school year by working as many odd jobs as possible. By the time... Continue reading "How I Spent My Summer Vacation" »

Northwestern vs. Boston College: Pre-game Notes

Saturday at 11:00 AM CT the Northwestern Wildcats and head coach Pat Fitzgerald will begin their 2011 season on the road at Alumni Stadium against Boston College. Many standout players from both teams may sit this one out. The Wildcats likely will be without their first team all Big-Ten quarterback... Continue reading "Northwestern vs. Boston College: Pre-game Notes" »

Northwestern QB Dan Persa's Heisman Campaign May Be Postponed

Saturday September 3, 2011 the Northwestern Wildcats football team will open it's season against the Boston College Eagles @ 12:00 p.m e.t in Alumni Stadium. It appears that the Wildcat's Heisman Trophy candidate and 2010 first team all Big-Ten quarterback, Dan Persa, may sit this one out. Northwestern head coach,... Continue reading "Northwestern QB Dan Persa's Heisman Campaign May Be Postponed" »

Washington Football team NEED to get another mascot

It has been known for sometimes that the Washington football team's mascot(Redskins) is offensive and racist toward Native Americans. Some say its not offensive because it is just the name of a native american tribe. I am sorry to inform those people but that is horrible wrong. The Florida State... Continue reading "Washington Football team NEED to get another mascot" »

Why Marriages Fail - Compromise

In the United States over half of all marriages end in divorce. This daunting statistic faces every couple when they make the decision to get married. Everyone knows it but no one really ever gets married thinking “in 15 years I’ll be divorced.” Everyone, including me, think that they have... Continue reading "Why Marriages Fail - Compromise" »

Northwestern Begins Heisman Campaign For Dan Persa

Tuesday, Northwestern University began a three a pronged Heisman Trophy campaign promoting their senior quarterback, Dan Persa. Persa was named the coaches' All-Big Ten first team quarterback last season after completing a national leading 73.5 percent of his passes. The three pronged campaign titled "PersaStrong" consist of: Media Awareness -... Continue reading "Northwestern Begins Heisman Campaign For Dan Persa" »

Why Do People Use The N word So Much?

I used to be one of those guys who threw around the N word frequently. Almost every time I would get mad at somebody or just play around with them, I would say, "N word please" or "come on N word" and act like it was not a big deal.... Continue reading "Why Do People Use The N word So Much?" »

What I Learned This Weekend

First off, I learned that there was not enough talk about me. I mean c'mon, how is this egomaniac going to function if there is no talk, or mentioning of myself...It's frustrating. I mean when the whole world seemed to be wrapped up in this possible government shutdown, The Masters,... Continue reading "What I Learned This Weekend" »

The dumbing down of America

Kids in schools where all they learn is how to take tests. Reduce college classes, scholarships, and grants so only a few get degrees. Socially promote students so if they graduate high school they have second grade reading skills and limited Math ability. Blame the teachers for everything. Export white... Continue reading "The dumbing down of America" »

"E.T." is Out of This World

NEW YORK CITY — Success has been on Katy Perry's side over the past year as her album Teenage Dream sold over 1.3 million copies in the United States alone. Perry released several hit singles that soared to the top of Billboard 100 Hits charts in the U.S. and also... Continue reading ""E.T." is Out of This World" »

The Yankees are Back!

NEW YORK CITY — With 27 World Series titles, the NY Yankees are back for another season. Yankee fans from all over gather in the Bronx to celebrate the 2011 Yankees Opening Day. Although the Yankees didn't make it to the World Series last year, fans are excited to see... Continue reading "The Yankees are Back!" »

ASU Wrestler Anthony Robles – What Sports Are All About!

NCAA CHAMPION! I know in today’s era of sports it is easy to be cynical about today’s athletes both Professional and collegiate. We have million-dollar professional cry baby convicts who complain that their team’s health coverage doesn’t pay for their Viagra and HGH injections while making more money in 4... Continue reading "ASU Wrestler Anthony Robles – What Sports Are All About!" »

President Obama’s March Madness Brackets 2011 – Opening Round

Download Obama March Madness Picks Continue reading "President Obama’s March Madness Brackets 2011 – Opening Round" »

Discrimination Suits Go Too Far: Google Email Under Fire by Blind Community

Lawsuits and claims of discrimination have been out of control in the United States for a long time. But now it has gone way too far over the line. A complaint was filed by The National Federation of the Blind to the Justice Department accusing New York University and Northwestern... Continue reading "Discrimination Suits Go Too Far: Google Email Under Fire by Blind Community" »

The R.U. Screw!

When I was a student at Rutgers University years ago there was a joke about the "RU screw". Basically it referred to the university officials amazing ability to give you confirmation that you were registered for a class only to show up on day one and find out that, in... Continue reading "The R.U. Screw!" » Video Corner

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