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Kris Humphries: Dumb, Dumber, and Snookered

DATELINE: HUMOR! Kris Humphries now realizes how he was duped by Kim Kardashian. He has now admitted that he also considered buying the Brooklyn Bridge. Old film star Mae West once played a woman of dubious morals who sold the famed New York bridge to gullible young men who were... Continue reading "Kris Humphries: Dumb, Dumber, and Snookered" »

Can the Eagles Make the Playoffs? You Must Have Faith!!!

The Eagles playoff picture: They are 4-7. Their Defensive Coordinator is an Offensive Line Coach. Michael Vick is hurt. Their Head Coach is still Andy Reid. Needless to say, it looks bleak! So.. could they make the playoffs? Well, it wouldn't be a Miracle on 34th Street, but it would... Continue reading "Can the Eagles Make the Playoffs? You Must Have Faith!!!" »

Hudson Hockey and Bonus BLSP

Hudson Hockey 11_29_11 John Pedersen and John Silva talkin ice and 10 minutes bonus of their filling for BLSP on a Talk Titan Tuesday... #getwellsoonbret Continue reading "Hudson Hockey and Bonus BLSP" »

You Thought DeSean Jackson Was A Headache???

DeSean Jackson flips the ball behind him in celebration as he runs into the endzone for a touchdown. Unfortunately, he flipped it a yard too soon. Following the completion of a 50-yard pass, Jackson flips the ball to the Giants' Defensive Coordinator, then proceeds to taunt the Giants' sideline. Jackson... Continue reading "You Thought DeSean Jackson Was A Headache???" »

A Few Joyce Words: Bored Games

Bored Games Life. Risk. Clue? Many of us played these games as children, some of us as adults. We continue to play them long after the boards and pieces have been tucked away and forgotten, the application of early life lessons in family, goal setting and strategy, deductive reasoning. “That’s... Continue reading "A Few Joyce Words: Bored Games" »

The RSBS Podcast, Episode 30: Pat Matheny’s Anesthesioxity and Other Stuff (LIKE HIGHLIGHTS!)

Click ME to Listen!!! And so in this Podcast brought to you by Lifestyles… The RSBS crew celebrates its 30th episode by taking a stroll down podcast memory lane, remembering things that busted our (and hopefully your) guts. AIDS salad and Ron Santo's memory get rehashed while new memories (like... Continue reading "The RSBS Podcast, Episode 30: Pat Matheny’s Anesthesioxity and Other Stuff (LIKE HIGHLIGHTS!)" »

Phillies Look-A-Like: Hunter Pence, Revisited

Last week it was revealed that Hunter Pence is a singer for the group Coldplay in the off-season, performing under the name Chris Martin. But, did you also know he sometimes sings under the stage name Eminem Continue reading "Phillies Look-A-Like: Hunter Pence, Revisited" »

Whats Fish | I Use This App | App Reviews | iPhone Apps

Whats Fish | I Use This App | App Reviews | iPhone Apps. Continue reading "Whats Fish | I Use This App | App Reviews | iPhone Apps" »

The Hair Tackle . . . Awesome!!!

A Wide Receiver Gets Crushed; A Quarterback Gets Slammed to the Ground; Six Defenders Pile on a Running Back. Ahh . . . Football. There are many ways to take down the guy with the football, but there's one way that truly stands above them all - the "Hair Tackle!"... Continue reading "The Hair Tackle . . . Awesome!!!" »

NBA Takes Felons Off Streets; NFL Puts Them in Holding Tank

DATELINE: HUMOR! Filling out the lineup card in the NBA and NFL usually means the local police have arrested another overpaid athlete. You will soon see his mug shot and be able to pick him out of the lineup faster than you can say, “suspended only if found guilty.” Teams... Continue reading "NBA Takes Felons Off Streets; NFL Puts Them in Holding Tank" »

Look-A-Like: Rob Ryan . . . the Actor?

Cowboys' sideline slob Rob Ryan may coordinate the defense during the football season, but we have reason to believe he may be acting under the name Jeff Bridges. Take a look... Rob Ryan Jeff Bridges Rob Ryan Jeff Bridges Sean Connery? Follow Connie Mack on Facebook Listen to Connie Mack... Continue reading "Look-A-Like: Rob Ryan . . . the Actor?" »

Italian Hour Podcast 11-26-11

Italian Hour's new podcast is available starring Nicolette Tropiano, Karen Ciasca Zeltman, and Anthony Campeggio. Italian Hour covers the world of entertainment, dining and wine, and Philadelphia sports. You can listen on's new 24/7 online radio station by clicking here. You can hear the show On Demand by clicking... Continue reading "Italian Hour Podcast 11-26-11" »

A Wire-Sized Hole in My Heart

I have watched a lot of television. I won't say that I'm an expert on what makes good TV but, like porn, I know it when I see it. That probably helps explain why things just haven't been the same since I finished Season 5 of The Wire. Don't get... Continue reading "A Wire-Sized Hole in My Heart" »

Ochocinco Enjoys Super Power of Invisibility

DATELINE: HUMOR! Fans and media have failed to notice that major NFL star and social media personality Chad Ochocinco is actually a superhero with a secret power. He is invisible. Chad no longer runs faster than a speeding bullet. He is obviously seen tripping over the imaginary yellow first-down marker... Continue reading "Ochocinco Enjoys Super Power of Invisibility" »

Expressions of Giant's Coach Tom Coughlin

#1: Hey Coughlin, you just won the Super Bowl #2: Tom Coughlin holding the winning Lottery ticket #3: Coughlin's wife just wished him a happy anniversary #4: "Who the hell printed this?" "I can't read a goddamn thing!!" #5: Coughlin, just saying hello! #6: "Don't mess with me. I'm Crazy!!!"... Continue reading "Expressions of Giant's Coach Tom Coughlin" » Video Corner

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