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Olympians Strive in NYC Marathon

Sunday's New York City Marathon was a record breaking event, and i dont mean just in the number of attendees or the fact that course records were all but abolished. The event was highly publicized and thanks to a few big time names, raised alot of money for alot of... Continue reading "Olympians Strive in NYC Marathon" »

Mother of Mercy, Can This Be the End of the NBA?

DATELINE: HUMOR! The great oldtime movie Little Caesar offers many lessons to the NBA. In it, the archfiend threatens authorities of society, “A little buzzard like you will never put cuffs on me.” As he is plugged with machine gun fire, Edward G. Robinson as the tinplate gangster mutters his... Continue reading "Mother of Mercy, Can This Be the End of the NBA?" »

Community Finds Black Janitors Hysterical...I do not

Community is one of the few shows on television that will actually put minorities in their main cast. There are two African American characters (Troy, Shirley), a Middle Eastern character (Abed), an Asian character (Senior Chang), and a Jewish character (Annie). While I do appreciate the deviation from the standard... Continue reading "Community Finds Black Janitors Hysterical...I do not" »

A Non-Rhotic Entertainment Experiment

I'm not much of television watcher. Outside of sporting events and the occasional Survivor Man episode, I just can't get into something week after week. I blame The Wire. After blowing through all five seasons in just a few short weeks a couple years ago, everything else just seemed like... Continue reading "A Non-Rhotic Entertainment Experiment" »

“Biggest Loser” Picking Up Steam as Sensibility Overcomes Love

Boy is Ramon gonna be pissed. His sweetheart, Jessica got sent home from the competition. A soap opera? No, reality television. On the 12th season of the show, “The Biggest Loser,” lovelorn Ramon watched as competitors from other teams sent home his sweetie, Jessica, by a 4-2 margin, saving Bonnie.... Continue reading "“Biggest Loser” Picking Up Steam as Sensibility Overcomes Love" »


As Game 6 of the Series drew to what appeared to be its close, I got very excited. It wasn't so much that I was cheering against my friend and his team but I had predicted the Rangers would win and I like to be right. Beyond that, though, there... Continue reading "Squashed" »

RSBS Presents: Reintegration

Just in case you've been so wrapped up in the World Series that you missed what's going on around the US, RSBS is here to give you a quick rundown as you slowly start to reintegrate. Occupy Wall Street: What exactly is going on down there? Yep, I get it... Continue reading "RSBS Presents: Reintegration" »

The Girlie Show - Coffee's Always On ! 10_25_11

10_25_11 <<<< Click Here to Listen on Demand! Haunted, spooky places? The most popular Halloween Costumes. Lauren Crocker, Marlow Donohue, and Matt Garcia get after it - Three's Company and its a Party, only on MTR Radio #ItsReal Continue reading "The Girlie Show - Coffee's Always On ! 10_25_11" »

LAUSD Mel Gibson High School- UPDATE - "You're Fired"

It appears that the LAUSD reads The San Francisco Chronicle has reported that Patricia McAllister has been fired from her part time teaching position! Los Angeles school officials say a substitute teacher has lost her job after making anti-Semitic comments during an interview. In a statement Tuesday, schools Superintendent... Continue reading "LAUSD Mel Gibson High School- UPDATE - "You're Fired"" »

Garden State Radio, The Most American Podcast Ever Created

The Crew says "Why I Oughta!" , runs through train wreck radio, covers Rapid Fire News with emcee Johnny Appleseed, and generally quarrel and bicker amongst themselves. All in a days work. #ItsReal 10_18_11 COMPRESSED <<< LISTEN ON DEMAND BY CLICKING HERE Also rebroadcast 4 am, 12 noon on Tuesdays,... Continue reading "Garden State Radio, The Most American Podcast Ever Created" »

A Badge and a Halo: the TV COP Cliche

If the occupy Wall Street protest has taught us anything, it’s that cops are not always playing by their own rules. Viral videos of unprovoked police brutality against innocent people have shown the world what minorities in this country have always known, cops don’t protect and serve everyone equally. I’m... Continue reading "A Badge and a Halo: the TV COP Cliche" »

ESPN's Monday Night Football Sucks - Long Live Hank Jr.

I tried with an open mind to watch the beginning of tonight's Monday Night Football between Da Bears and Da Lions. To say that I could not care about this game is an overstatement. I tried to watch the introduction which was just flat out lame. Seeing Barry Sanders was... Continue reading "ESPN's Monday Night Football Sucks - Long Live Hank Jr." »

ESPN Pulls Hank Williams Jr from MNF - Kanye West to Replace Him

CHECK OUT THE VIDEO AND MAKE YOUR OWN DECISIONS. ESPN pulled the Hank Williams Jr. music introduction to MNF because Williams, who is very out spoken about politics, made an analogy comparing President Obama playing golf with Congressional Republican leaders to Adolph Hitler playing golf with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin... Continue reading "ESPN Pulls Hank Williams Jr from MNF - Kanye West to Replace Him" »

A Disney Show That I Don't Hate!

*Over the summer, I was channel surfing and landed on the Disney Channel. The events that followed inspired this article. Pair of Kings is your typical light hearted Disney show targeted toward the tweener demographic. It is about two inept brothers named Brady (Mitchel Musso) and Boomer (Larramie Doc Shaw)... Continue reading "A Disney Show That I Don't Hate!" »

Haters Gonna Give Valid Criticism

There seems to be a divide in the black and female communities over whether Tyler Perry and Stephenie Meyer should be celebrated or executed. Tyler Perry made his fortune through stage plays, movies, and television shows about African Americans. Stephenie Meyer created Twilight and brought vampires roaring back the mainstream... Continue reading "Haters Gonna Give Valid Criticism" » Video Corner

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