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Paul Mooney = Funny Genius

I’m guessing the average citizen only knows Paul Mooney from the hilarious Chappelle’s Show skits he made in the early 2000’s. But if you look at the man’s resume you will see that he has been a part of nearly every important black comedy in television history (Sanford and Son,... Continue reading "Paul Mooney = Funny Genius" »

Nationals Catcher Kidnapped

Missing Catcher... Have You Seen Me??? Washington Nationals Catcher Wilson Ramos was kidnapped from his parent's home in Venezuela Wednesday night by two armed men who forced their way into the house. It has been reported that the Nationals have been in negotiations with the kidnappers. Sources say the Nationals... Continue reading "Nationals Catcher Kidnapped" »

Twit Tweets from Ashton Kutcher Cause Consternation

DATELINE: HUMOR! Ashton Kutcher has turned his tweeting industry over to good spellers and deep thinkers after a gaffe that has made him look like an idiot. Yes, fans, it is hard to believe Ashcan Kutcher can look worse than usual, but he sent out a grammatically incoherent tweet supporting... Continue reading "Twit Tweets from Ashton Kutcher Cause Consternation" »

Joe Paterno Fired - Could Become Eagles New Head Coach

Joe Paterno has been fired as Penn State's head coach of nearly 50-years. I always say when one door closes, another one opens up. It just so happens the Eagles will be in need of a new Head Coach shortly. Paterno could fit the bill quite nicely. Could you see... Continue reading "Joe Paterno Fired - Could Become Eagles New Head Coach" »

It's Not Easy Being a Sausage

The Bratwurst, the Kielbasa, the Italian Sausage, the Hot Dog, and the Chorizo - whatever the hell that is. Not only do they make us say "yum," they also provide us with entertainment. They can be seen during the bottom of the 6th-inning at all Milwaukee Brewers home games participating... Continue reading "It's Not Easy Being a Sausage" »

Bud Selig Ruined the Playoffs

Bud Selig may make the owners very rich, but he sure has screwed everything else up! He has successfully ruined the playoffs. Here is what that buffoon has done to America's favorite pastime: 1. Rain Games: Remember when the tarp went over the field at the first sight of rain?... Continue reading "Bud Selig Ruined the Playoffs" »

Connie Mack's Phillies' Off-Season Predictions

1. Ryan Madson's outta here! With Scott Boras as an agent, Madson is telling us he's a selfish asshole that has to get his hands on every last penny. He's gonna want all the money, and frankly, he's not worth it! Let someone else give it to him. They're better... Continue reading "Connie Mack's Phillies' Off-Season Predictions" »

Mother of Mercy, Can This Be the End of the NBA?

DATELINE: HUMOR! The great oldtime movie Little Caesar offers many lessons to the NBA. In it, the archfiend threatens authorities of society, “A little buzzard like you will never put cuffs on me.” As he is plugged with machine gun fire, Edward G. Robinson as the tinplate gangster mutters his... Continue reading "Mother of Mercy, Can This Be the End of the NBA?" »

Rex Ryan: New Career as Thespian Awaits as He Readies for Closeup

DATELINE: HUMOR! Not since movie character stars like S.Z. ‘Cuddles’ Sakall or even John Goodman has there been quite the big star character actor like Rex Ryan. Fans may hope that Hollywood calls soon with a fistful of dollars and supervillain scripts, and that Ryan realizes his true calling is... Continue reading "Rex Ryan: New Career as Thespian Awaits as He Readies for Closeup" »

Did Connie Mack's Phillies Predictions Come True??

Prior to the start of the 2011 baseball season, I made a few predictions. It's time to see how many came true. #1. Chase Utley will start fewer than one-third of the games (54-games) Wrong: Quite the oppositte. Utley played in 103-games, missing just 59, ironically, roughly one-third of the... Continue reading "Did Connie Mack's Phillies Predictions Come True??" »

The Kid From Brooklyn - Chantilly Lace

The Big Man gets interupted during his rant by a phone call... Continue reading "The Kid From Brooklyn - Chantilly Lace" »

Does Drinking Impair Judgement?

Evidence that drinking does impair judgement... Now for my favorite... Yes, that is Tony LaRussa's mug shot after a drunken night on the town. Now, an argument that drinking does not impair judgement... Oh, Wait... Nevermind... Yes, drinking WILL impair your judgement. Drink Responsibly!!! Follow Connie Mack on Facebook Listen... Continue reading "Does Drinking Impair Judgement?" »

The Girlie Show 11-1-11

Download 11-1-11 compressed The Girlie Show talks about Kim & Kris Divorce, Power loss for NJ and Co-Host Matt's awkward profile pics all on MTR Radio Continue reading "The Girlie Show 11-1-11" »

Pictures: Eagles Dress Up for Halloween

In the spirit of Halloween, members of the Eagles were in costume for Sunday's game against the Cowboys. Check it out! 1. Andy Reid: Decided to wear the fat suit... 2. Juan Castillo: The Offensive Line Coach dressed up as a Defensive Coordinator... 3. Vince Young: Was Donovan McNabb and... Continue reading "Pictures: Eagles Dress Up for Halloween " »

Happy Anniversary Garden State Radio! Most American Podcast (ever) 2 Hours

Show 2 hrs <<<< Click Here to Listen on Demand! Garden State Radio has turned one year old. Perhaps the most disturbing, long running train wreck in modern history. Lauren Crocker, JP Furious, Edith Medina, Johnny Appleseed, and James Flippin. #ItsReal You can have your word heard on GSR Tuesdays... Continue reading "Happy Anniversary Garden State Radio! Most American Podcast (ever) 2 Hours" » Video Corner

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