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Albert Pujols is Headed to Walley World

Albert Pujols turned down more than $200 million from the Cardinals to head out to sunny California. The deciding factor: Theme Parks! Disney once owned the Angels from 1996 to 2003, but sold the team to it's current owner Arte Moreno. Unfortunately, Pujols was unaware of this change in ownership.... Continue reading "Albert Pujols is Headed to Walley World" »

Is there any interest in Ryan Madson???

Once upon a time - about a month ago - Ryan Madson was a big story. His signing was a top priority for the Phillies this off-season. Then, a deal was in place. The Phils' signed Madson to a four-year, $44-million contract. It was big news! But wait . .... Continue reading "Is there any interest in Ryan Madson???" »

Can the Packers go Undefeated? No, Here's Why...

The Dolphins went 14-0 in 1972. The Patriots went 16-0 in 2007. Can the Packers also go undefeated? To answer your question . . . no! It takes a certain arrogance to go undefeated. A team that plays with class has difficulty accomplishing this task. Think about it, how many... Continue reading "Can the Packers go Undefeated? No, Here's Why..." »

Help Wanted: Eagles Head Coach

Head Coach Needed!!! Do you fit the bill? Job Summary: The Philadelphia Eagles are in search of a new Head Coach. The Eagles are an American professional football team residing in Philadelphia. We are a solid organization established in 1933. The Eagles seek a moderately motivated individual to oversee all... Continue reading "Help Wanted: Eagles Head Coach" »

The Kid From Brooklyn - Stick It

The Big Man rants about scratch off lotto tickets and what you should scratch instead! Check out all of The Kid From Brooklyn's rants by clicking here! Continue reading "The Kid From Brooklyn - Stick It" »

Andy Reid is Not a Failure!

The Andy Reid Story: He doesn't know how to manage the clock. He never has time-outs left. He doesn't run the ball, though he's got one of the best running back's in football. He says he's gonna do a better job, but never does. He says he's going to put... Continue reading "Andy Reid is Not a Failure!" »

Donovan McNabb's Spirits Lifted by Buddy the Elf

Time's are tough time for Donovan McNabb. The one time star is out of work. Philadelphia didn't want him. The Redskins didn't want him. Now, the Vikings don't want him. I guess you can't blame them! Fortunately, Donovan has a friend to help get him through these tough times. Thanks... Continue reading "Donovan McNabb's Spirits Lifted by Buddy the Elf" »

Can the Eagles Make the Playoffs? You Must Have Faith!!!

The Eagles playoff picture: They are 4-7. Their Defensive Coordinator is an Offensive Line Coach. Michael Vick is hurt. Their Head Coach is still Andy Reid. Needless to say, it looks bleak! So.. could they make the playoffs? Well, it wouldn't be a Miracle on 34th Street, but it would... Continue reading "Can the Eagles Make the Playoffs? You Must Have Faith!!!" »

You Thought DeSean Jackson Was A Headache???

DeSean Jackson flips the ball behind him in celebration as he runs into the endzone for a touchdown. Unfortunately, he flipped it a yard too soon. Following the completion of a 50-yard pass, Jackson flips the ball to the Giants' Defensive Coordinator, then proceeds to taunt the Giants' sideline. Jackson... Continue reading "You Thought DeSean Jackson Was A Headache???" »

Phillies Look-A-Like: Hunter Pence, Revisited

Last week it was revealed that Hunter Pence is a singer for the group Coldplay in the off-season, performing under the name Chris Martin. But, did you also know he sometimes sings under the stage name Eminem Continue reading "Phillies Look-A-Like: Hunter Pence, Revisited" »

The Hair Tackle . . . Awesome!!!

A Wide Receiver Gets Crushed; A Quarterback Gets Slammed to the Ground; Six Defenders Pile on a Running Back. Ahh . . . Football. There are many ways to take down the guy with the football, but there's one way that truly stands above them all - the "Hair Tackle!"... Continue reading "The Hair Tackle . . . Awesome!!!" »

Look-A-Like: Rob Ryan . . . the Actor?

Cowboys' sideline slob Rob Ryan may coordinate the defense during the football season, but we have reason to believe he may be acting under the name Jeff Bridges. Take a look... Rob Ryan Jeff Bridges Rob Ryan Jeff Bridges Sean Connery? Follow Connie Mack on Facebook Listen to Connie Mack... Continue reading "Look-A-Like: Rob Ryan . . . the Actor?" »

Expressions of Giant's Coach Tom Coughlin

#1: Hey Coughlin, you just won the Super Bowl #2: Tom Coughlin holding the winning Lottery ticket #3: Coughlin's wife just wished him a happy anniversary #4: "Who the hell printed this?" "I can't read a goddamn thing!!" #5: Coughlin, just saying hello! #6: "Don't mess with me. I'm Crazy!!!"... Continue reading "Expressions of Giant's Coach Tom Coughlin" »

Happy Thanksgiving: Philly Sports Fans are Thankful for...

Happy Thanksgiving!!! Fittingly, we have provided a list of people who are thankful in the world of Philadelphia sports... Phillies The fans are thankful for practically everything! The Phillies put zero effort into winning throughout my entire youth. These days, they are picking up the best players in baseball left... Continue reading "Happy Thanksgiving: Philly Sports Fans are Thankful for..." »

Garden State Radio - Like Listening to a Train Wreck

11_22_11 Special guest Morty Rothberg is not well received... Dan Feurstein stops in and sings a tune... Rapid Fire News... #ItsReal ... as always, the most American Podcast Ever Created. Continue reading "Garden State Radio - Like Listening to a Train Wreck" » Video Corner

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