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NFL News: Week By Week 2011 NFL Schedule!

Okay NFL fans, by popular demand, here is the entire, week by week, 2011 NFL schedule: Week 1 Thursday, Sept. 8 Saints at Packers 8:30 PM Sunday, Sept. 11 Steelers at Ravens 1:00 PM Bengals at Browns 1:00 PM Colts at Texans 1:00 PM Titans at Jaguars 1:00 PM Falcons... Continue reading "NFL News: Week By Week 2011 NFL Schedule!" »

NFL News: The Lockout, The Draft And The Ratings.....

I came across an interesting post today on It was regarding one ESPN executive, Jay Rothman, and his expectation that the upcoming NFL draft ratings will be high. As the article pointed out readership of the draft is certainly down. Is his statement based on purely wishful thinking? There... Continue reading "NFL News: The Lockout, The Draft And The Ratings....." »

NFL News: Smith To Miss Labor Mediation Today

If you were not optimistic regarding the potential of the NFL lockout to end anytime soon your hopes were dealt another blow. Players association Chief Demaurice Smith will not be in attendance during this mornings court ordered mediation scheduled for 10AM in Manhatten. Smith has a family emergency of somekind----clearly... Continue reading "NFL News: Smith To Miss Labor Mediation Today" »

NFL News: Roger Goodell to Host Call With Giants Fans

With NFL fans growing increasingly frustrated with the on going lockout, commissioner Roger Goodell is on a bit of a PR campaign. The NFL boss is on a tour whereby he will be hosting call in shows for season ticket holders of various teams. Fans will be allowed to ask... Continue reading "NFL News: Roger Goodell to Host Call With Giants Fans" »

NFL News; Cowboys Receiver Settles One Of His Lawsuits

Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant has reportedly settled one of the multiple lawsuits he has pending. Bryant defaulted on a $267,000 payment to a New York Jeweler. It is unknown how much of this debt he paid in order to settle. Bryant still has an outstanding debt with a dealer... Continue reading "NFL News; Cowboys Receiver Settles One Of His Lawsuits" »

NCAA Men's Basketball Championship 2011 – Why We Sleep Through It?

I love sports. First let me say that I love sports. I am a football and hockey fan first, have a growing love of baseball, and enjoy the last two minutes of most basketball games. I played soccer and was a long distance runner in school. I even find myself... Continue reading "NCAA Men's Basketball Championship 2011 – Why We Sleep Through It?" »

2011 MLB Opening Day Team Payrolls

Curious where your team is in terms of spending? Below is a list of each team in major league baseball's opening day payroll for 2011. The New York Yankees continue to lead the way but the Philadelphia Phillies jumped over a few teams into second. The Pirates, Rays, and Royals... Continue reading "2011 MLB Opening Day Team Payrolls" »

NFL 18 Game Season On Hold - For Now

The NFL owners have stated that they are willing to table the proposed extension of the NFL season from 16 games to 18 for now. The reason for the extension proposal is simple: “How do you spell love…M-O-N-E-Y!” Do the math 18/16 = 1.125. That’s a potential 12.5 % increase... Continue reading "NFL 18 Game Season On Hold - For Now" »

Philadelphia Phillies Franchise Value Up 13%

Are you a Philadelphia Phillies fan that is worried that the franchise is spending too much money and that they cannot sustain it? Are you afraid the team will go back to being cheap and that their payroll will decrease? Don't be! The franchise saw a 13% increase in the... Continue reading "Philadelphia Phillies Franchise Value Up 13%" »

Is free agency really good for baseball?

Sure, it is good for the top players and for left handed relief pitchers. It is good for the Yankees, the Red Sox, and the other big market, big spending teams. But, is it good for the Indians, the Royals, the Pirates, and the other small revenue teams. These teams... Continue reading "Is free agency really good for baseball?" »

Is Tyson Chandler a good fit for the Knicks?

After researching the pending 2011 free agent class, with subsequent "Leg-go" instructions and required Capology shenanigans , the player that fits the Knicks in my opinion is Tyson Chandler. The Knicks need an athletic defensive presence who can average 25 minutes, while securing 8 to 10 rebounds and 10 pts... Continue reading "Is Tyson Chandler a good fit for the Knicks?" » Video Corner

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