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A Few Joyce Words - A Little Pre-OCCUPIED

A LITTLE PRE-OCCUPIED For weeks now, Wall Street has been occupied like a bastion of port-a-johns at a Dixie-land county fair featuring Randy Travis and a tractor pull. Cities nationwide have joined the fracas in telling the top-earning 1% of Americans that we want our money back. The sign hung... Continue reading "A Few Joyce Words - A Little Pre-OCCUPIED" »

RSBS Presents: Reintegration

Just in case you've been so wrapped up in the World Series that you missed what's going on around the US, RSBS is here to give you a quick rundown as you slowly start to reintegrate. Occupy Wall Street: What exactly is going on down there? Yep, I get it... Continue reading "RSBS Presents: Reintegration" »

LAUSD to Open Mel Gibson High - Check Out the Video!

Patricia McAllister employee of the Los Angeles Unified School District should be fired immediately. How can this type of hate speech be considered acceptable at any level from this academic organization. Mel Gibson was run out of LA for his drunken anti-Semitic rants caught on video. Ms. McAllister was not... Continue reading "LAUSD to Open Mel Gibson High - Check Out the Video!" »

Garden State Radio 10.11.11

The whole crew dishes out on Occupy Wall Street. Trivia. News. Captain Salazar in studio guest. Continue reading "Garden State Radio 10.11.11" »

Steve,Afghanistan and Pakistan...

In 1990s, as a young-man growing in Asia, I was awestruck with the United States for its democratic values and competitive spirit. Now it seems much of that seems to be over.After the Sept 9/11, US went into what I feel 18th century `isolationism', where in in order to safeguard its own security it launched war on terror. While the fact was Asia especially India , Pakistan, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka were in terror radar since 1980s. Similarly, US response to economic slump in 2008,was looking inward, it started clamping on outsourcing. Both of these were a shocker, for a person who in 1980s has seen World through the eyes of US Information center in Mumbai. While for a small nations looking inside works, US should remember, the empire builders never look inwards for the leadership hence England,France and Portugal could rule for 400 years or more in many parts of the world. US should approach the current crises in the US economy with opening its doors than closing. Because it should realize that its biggest challenge ``China'' is creation of MNCs from Europe and North America. Time to listen to history or it will be too late.An epitaph to American dream will be a sad day to world history. Continue reading "Steve,Afghanistan and Pakistan..." »

Thursday Night College Football Pick: South Florida @ Pittsburgh

The undefeated South Florida Bulls (4-0) travel to take on the Pittsburgh Panthers (2-2) this Thursday night. It's a battle between Big East schools and should be an entertaining matchup. South Florida opened up the season as a 10.5 underdog at Notre Dame, when they sprung the upset, 23-20. They... Continue reading "Thursday Night College Football Pick: South Florida @ Pittsburgh" »

A Very Serious Post

With all the serious things happening in the world right now, I want to write a serious post. President Obama's jobs speech, the first Republican debate with Rick Perry, the continuing hunt for Gaddafi in Libya. Somebody turned the world up to 11 and I want to talk about it.... Continue reading "A Very Serious Post" »

The Filibuster

A lot of young guys making some noise right now. Any one you like in particular? Matt Jeffersonville, IN ___________________________________ George Bernard Shaw once pointed out that "youth is wasted on the young." Me, as I continue getting older, I couldn't agree more. It's a total waste. And honestly, I'm... Continue reading "The Filibuster" »


President Obama has been in office for over 2 years. No matter how the White House spins this, the US Credit Rating Downgrade happened on his watch. People will begin to figure out that this is bad when the Stock Market drops another 1000 points on Monday. Obama‚Äôs stock will... Continue reading "USA DOWNGRADED - OBAMA NEXT?" »

The Phillies Keep Rolling

The Phillies continued their strong play Tuesday night, with a 5-0 win against Colorado. Starting pitcher Kyle Kendrick looked as good as he has all season, and Ryan Howard provided all the offense the team would need with two home runs. The Phillies finish off their 3 game series with... Continue reading "The Phillies Keep Rolling" »

The Phillies Are Unstoppable

The Philadelphia Phillies are the best team in baseball. It's not even arguable at this point. Coming into the season, everyone knew that their starting pitching rivaled some of the best rotations of all time. Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee and Cole Hammels have lived up to all the hype, and... Continue reading "The Phillies Are Unstoppable" »

EA iPhone games on sale for $1

EA iPhone games are on a major sale this weekend on the Apple App Store. Electronic Arts games are some of the best iPhone games including the Sims, Madden NFL, Dead Space and other hits that gamers of all age enjoy. Hardcore Gamers particular love EA games, as Madden NFL... Continue reading "EA iPhone games on sale for $1" »

iPhone 5 to begin production in July

The first concrete details have emerged on the iPhone 5. Originally not thought to be released this year, several rumors have surfaced over the past few weeks pointing towards a September release of the iPhone 5, which the latest rumors also support. The iPhone 5 has been a hot topic... Continue reading "iPhone 5 to begin production in July" »

Want to Know What I Think? Of Course You Do!

Because I'm that awesome! But once again I went a whole week without any conversations about me. It was all, "ohh the bad weather, ohh those tornado's, ohh the royal wedding, ohh the S&P might downgrade the U.S. Bond Rating..blah blah blah." All un-important things, but, here are things I... Continue reading "Want to Know What I Think? Of Course You Do!" »

Economic Pearl Harbor? US Debt Rating Downgraded to Negative

The Standard and Poor's (S&P) said it was cutting the outlook on the US's long-term rating from stable to negative for the first time since the attack on Pearl Harbor 70 years ago. For those that do not understand economics: This is bad! This means that the S&P thinks that... Continue reading "Economic Pearl Harbor? US Debt Rating Downgraded to Negative" » Video Corner

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