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Milwaukee (and America's) Best

Like Amy Winehouse's death and taxes, sad but inevitable, the US finally lost its AAA debt rating. Sure, it's only S&P that followed through on the cut but it's not like we didn't see this coming. At least 7 US companies have more cash on hand than the US government.... Continue reading "Milwaukee (and America's) Best" »


President Obama has been in office for over 2 years. No matter how the White House spins this, the US Credit Rating Downgrade happened on his watch. People will begin to figure out that this is bad when the Stock Market drops another 1000 points on Monday. Obama’s stock will... Continue reading "USA DOWNGRADED - OBAMA NEXT?" »

Sovereign Default and the Dodgers

As the possibility of an US default on its sovereign debt draws agonizingly close, I'd like to try and put this in terms that baseball fans can understand. The USA, the greatest country in the history of the world, is about to become to world finance what the Dodgers are... Continue reading "Sovereign Default and the Dodgers" »

Truth Behind the Budget Crisis?

DATELINE: POLITICAL INSANITY Tea Party members may be dupes or fools, but the ultimate goal of the impasse over the deficit in Washington, D.C., is to create turmoil and violence among indignant entitlement recipients, including veterans and retirees. Those who hate Big Government may hate it enough to overthrow its... Continue reading "Truth Behind the Budget Crisis?" »

Brady, Manning & Brees Call for Lockout End – Didn’t they start this mess?

Hypocrisy comes in many forms. This time it comes in the form of top NFL QBs Brady, Manning and Brees going public to say that “it’s time for a deal.” All NFL fans want a deal to be sure but wasn’t it their lawsuit that started this whole thing or... Continue reading "Brady, Manning & Brees Call for Lockout End – Didn’t they start this mess?" »

The Filibuster

How come you get to vote up to 25 times for All Star selections? Is one vote per person less democratic? Nathan Mattoon, IL ___________________________________ MLB made $6.1 billion in revenue in 2010. 28% of that revenue ($1.7 billion), came from the New York Yankees. The Phillies and Red Sox... Continue reading "The Filibuster" »

Bowl With The NFL

The Eric LeGrand Believe Fund will host a bowling party with former NFL players. Continue reading "Bowl With The NFL" »

Mets’ late-inning loss to Phillies a Microscopic Part of Lost Season

No revelation here, the Mets stink. They stink so bad and the mess they are in, so awful, that even for this die-hard Phillies’fan, bring satisfaction in beating the team, but is sorry that their biggest problem is off the field. It is just a sad state of affairs in... Continue reading "Mets’ late-inning loss to Phillies a Microscopic Part of Lost Season" »

I Just Want to be Adored

Is that so much to ask? No one calls me, no one mentions my name in simple conversations, I don't even beg for attention...until now. Speaking of people begging for attention; Donny Trump, is Trumpeting (see what I did there) his cause to run for President. Good for him.... Continue reading "I Just Want to be Adored" »

Happy No Tax Day 2011!

 Yesterday, was the dreaded final tax filing day in the United States but it's not as dreaded as it used to be. It is estimate that there are so many tax right offs and other tax break give aways like the Earned Value Tax credit (which is welfare by... Continue reading "Happy No Tax Day 2011!" »

Economic Pearl Harbor? US Debt Rating Downgraded to Negative

The Standard and Poor's (S&P) said it was cutting the outlook on the US's long-term rating from stable to negative for the first time since the attack on Pearl Harbor 70 years ago. For those that do not understand economics: This is bad! This means that the S&P thinks that... Continue reading "Economic Pearl Harbor? US Debt Rating Downgraded to Negative" »

Something Every American Should Know....

I recently was forwarded an email that I thought was worth sharing with MTR readers. Whether you are Republican, democrat, or independant. Whether you are liberal, conservative or just politically uninvolved, this is one of those rare things that all Americans can agree on: This would change everything and should... Continue reading "Something Every American Should Know...." »

Phillies’ Charlie Manuel Joins Managerial Peers With New Contract

I believed Phillies manager Charlie Manuel when early in spring training he said he did not want to talk about a contract extension once the baseball season started. I believed he was a man of his word, but with the announcement yesterday of Manuel’s new contract extension, he will remain... Continue reading "Phillies’ Charlie Manuel Joins Managerial Peers With New Contract" »

Making a Financial Plan For Life Part 3 of 3

Congratulations! You are now among a group of very few people in the United States. You are one of the few people that have the banks working for you instead of you working for them. In the many payments that an average person makes in a month, a good portion... Continue reading "Making a Financial Plan For Life Part 3 of 3" »

Welcome to MTR Business

Welcome to's newest site, MTR Business. MTR Business will discuss the stock market, buying and selling stocks, the economy, and real estate. We will look at the job market, career development ideas, managing people, and stories of great leaders who have had success. In addition, we will talk about... Continue reading "Welcome to MTR Business" » Video Corner

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