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NBA Players Reject Deal - 2011-12 Season over??? Read the Offer

When an NBA tree falls in the forrest does anyone really care? The NBA's players union has rejected the latest and possible final offer from the NBA's owners. This could end the 2011-12 season and beyond. check out the league's latest offer and decide for yourself. Download NBA_proposal I thought... Continue reading "NBA Players Reject Deal - 2011-12 Season over??? Read the Offer" »

NBA to Pick Scabs for Pickup Game

DATELINE: HUMOR! We wonder how many former NBA stars, aging off the court, are willing to come out of retirement to make a few Bucks, an assortment of Lakers, and a litany of Knickerbockers. Many NBA players retired before the big money hit the fan market. Now NBA czar and... Continue reading "NBA to Pick Scabs for Pickup Game" »

Inward and Upward!

The US has a penchant for invention, especially when it comes to sports. Need something to fill up your leisure time? Let's go throw a ball into a peach basket! In between wars but feeling the need to crush something? Let's inflate a pigskin and then crash into each other!... Continue reading "Inward and Upward!" »

Is the Future Bright? Students Battle Loans and Bad Job Market

College students look dissatisfied with the economy in the Unites States. Recent graduate students can’t find jobs in their desired field. With the economy dropping more and more over the past few years what are students going to do after graduation? Fortunately, some students were able to find employment after... Continue reading "Is the Future Bright? Students Battle Loans and Bad Job Market" »

A Few Joyce Words - A Little Pre-OCCUPIED

A LITTLE PRE-OCCUPIED For weeks now, Wall Street has been occupied like a bastion of port-a-johns at a Dixie-land county fair featuring Randy Travis and a tractor pull. Cities nationwide have joined the fracas in telling the top-earning 1% of Americans that we want our money back. The sign hung... Continue reading "A Few Joyce Words - A Little Pre-OCCUPIED" »

RSBS Presents: Reintegration

Just in case you've been so wrapped up in the World Series that you missed what's going on around the US, RSBS is here to give you a quick rundown as you slowly start to reintegrate. Occupy Wall Street: What exactly is going on down there? Yep, I get it... Continue reading "RSBS Presents: Reintegration" »

Bloomberg Confirms Report – Washington DC Sucking US Dry did a series of reports and observations from my 7 weeks this summer in our nation’s capital. It was clear to the naked eyes that unlike the rest of the country and especially East Coast cities like New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore that the DC Beltway area was a... Continue reading "Bloomberg Confirms Report – Washington DC Sucking US Dry" »

Garden State Radio, The Most American Podcast Ever Created

The Crew says "Why I Oughta!" , runs through train wreck radio, covers Rapid Fire News with emcee Johnny Appleseed, and generally quarrel and bicker amongst themselves. All in a days work. #ItsReal 10_18_11 COMPRESSED <<< LISTEN ON DEMAND BY CLICKING HERE Also rebroadcast 4 am, 12 noon on Tuesdays,... Continue reading "Garden State Radio, The Most American Podcast Ever Created" »

Turnpike Throwdown 10_18_11

10_18_11 COMPRESSED <<< CLICK TO LISTEN ON DEMAND ! Jeff and James recap the most recent NFL action - Eagles halt the losing streak, Giants win, both head into the bye week on a high note... What can be made of the NBA lockout? World Series / MLB discussion, Bold... Continue reading "Turnpike Throwdown 10_18_11" »

LAUSD to Open Mel Gibson High - Check Out the Video!

Patricia McAllister employee of the Los Angeles Unified School District should be fired immediately. How can this type of hate speech be considered acceptable at any level from this academic organization. Mel Gibson was run out of LA for his drunken anti-Semitic rants caught on video. Ms. McAllister was not... Continue reading "LAUSD to Open Mel Gibson High - Check Out the Video!" »

Thursday Night College Football Pick: South Florida @ Pittsburgh

The undefeated South Florida Bulls (4-0) travel to take on the Pittsburgh Panthers (2-2) this Thursday night. It's a battle between Big East schools and should be an entertaining matchup. South Florida opened up the season as a 10.5 underdog at Notre Dame, when they sprung the upset, 23-20. They... Continue reading "Thursday Night College Football Pick: South Florida @ Pittsburgh" »

Jobs in America and Los Angeles

The only way that people in America and Los Angeles will get jobs is to move to India, the Philippines, and China. Companies have sent their customer service jobs to India and the Philippines and their manufacturing jobs to China. They aren’t coming back. American companies save millions each year... Continue reading "Jobs in America and Los Angeles" »

A Very Serious Post

With all the serious things happening in the world right now, I want to write a serious post. President Obama's jobs speech, the first Republican debate with Rick Perry, the continuing hunt for Gaddafi in Libya. Somebody turned the world up to 11 and I want to talk about it.... Continue reading "A Very Serious Post" »

0 is for Obama and Zero Jobs

Zero net jobs growth in the United States! Now that is Hope and Zero Change we can all believe in. Employment growth ground to a halt in August, as sagging consumer confidence discouraged already skittish U.S. businesses from hiring, keeping pressure on the Federal Reserve to provide more monetary stimulus... Continue reading "0 is for Obama and Zero Jobs" »

Vladimir Putin Makes More Than You

A recent study illustrated what you already knew: Nice guys really do finish last. But this should come as no surprise to anyone. People don't usually gush about how nice Carlos Slim is or wax eloquent on Warren Buffet's warm hugs. This also explains a bit about baseball. The highest... Continue reading "Vladimir Putin Makes More Than You" » Video Corner

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