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Twas the night before Christmas And all thru the house Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. When all of a sudden A stamping I heard…. The smell of cigarettes was in the air. The presents were unwrapped and stolen. The cookies and milk were gone, With a... Continue reading "O-DUMBO THE XMAS GRINCH " »

Boston Red Sox Lose the Off-Season as Beauty Abandons the Beast

DATELINE: HUMOR! At long last the dark and ugly side of the Boston Red Sox has been exposed to the bright light of fan awareness. For years the patina of a cherished institution doing the best for fans and the park dominated every story published by the media. With the... Continue reading "Boston Red Sox Lose the Off-Season as Beauty Abandons the Beast" »

Garden State Radio 10.11.11

The whole crew dishes out on Occupy Wall Street. Trivia. News. Captain Salazar in studio guest. Continue reading "Garden State Radio 10.11.11" »

Garden State Radio 10.4.11

Sup knuckleheads!? Tune in to hear the GSR crew talk about James' firing, Train Wreck Radio, and Lyrics Analyzed, all with a New Jersey flavor. Listen to MTR Radio on your iPhone, iPad, Android Device, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Palm, and Samsung Bada by clicking here for the FREE app. Search... Continue reading "Garden State Radio 10.4.11" »

Going Big

Sometimes, when you feel like your stuck in a Groundhog's Day, you have to do something big to break yourself out of the situation. Taking a week's vacation, volunteering at a homeless shelter or sucking down a forty after work can help alleviate the soul-crushing numbness for a brief period... Continue reading "Going Big" »

QB Tim Tebow Writes a Book, but Can He Read One?

DATELINE: LITERATURE? Yes, the world has come full circle. Another Tim, named Tim Donaghy, ex-con and ex-NBA referee, went to a fancy college and graduated as an English major. Later, he admitted he finished the program of literature study by never reading a single book. Now, history repeats itself. University... Continue reading "QB Tim Tebow Writes a Book, but Can He Read One?" »

Welcome to MTR Business

Welcome to's newest site, MTR Business. MTR Business will discuss the stock market, buying and selling stocks, the economy, and real estate. We will look at the job market, career development ideas, managing people, and stories of great leaders who have had success. In addition, we will talk about... Continue reading "Welcome to MTR Business" » Video Corner

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