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Should the NFL Play More Games in London?

The NFL and its 32 owners voted today to keep playing games in London, England for the foreseeable future. For at least the next five years, the NFL will schedule a game in London. In fact, the resolution that passed today gives the NFL the power to schedule more then... Continue reading "Should the NFL Play More Games in London?" »

Cut Teachers Salaries, Raise Class Sizes, and Refuse to Tax Millionaires!

They are too busy sending American jobs to Asia in order to increase their bottom line. They are too busy to care about the working and middle classes. They are too busy trying to unseat the Democratic President to care about the country and its people. Money and power is... Continue reading "Cut Teachers Salaries, Raise Class Sizes, and Refuse to Tax Millionaires!" »

Steve,Afghanistan and Pakistan...

In 1990s, as a young-man growing in Asia, I was awestruck with the United States for its democratic values and competitive spirit. Now it seems much of that seems to be over.After the Sept 9/11, US went into what I feel 18th century `isolationism', where in in order to safeguard its own security it launched war on terror. While the fact was Asia especially India , Pakistan, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka were in terror radar since 1980s. Similarly, US response to economic slump in 2008,was looking inward, it started clamping on outsourcing. Both of these were a shocker, for a person who in 1980s has seen World through the eyes of US Information center in Mumbai. While for a small nations looking inside works, US should remember, the empire builders never look inwards for the leadership hence England,France and Portugal could rule for 400 years or more in many parts of the world. US should approach the current crises in the US economy with opening its doors than closing. Because it should realize that its biggest challenge ``China'' is creation of MNCs from Europe and North America. Time to listen to history or it will be too late.An epitaph to American dream will be a sad day to world history. Continue reading "Steve,Afghanistan and Pakistan..." »

Steve Jobs Dead at 56

Apple cofounder Steve Jobs has passed away at age 56. The leader of Apple had been battling cancer since 2004 and stepped down from leading the company on August 24. Apple named October 14, 2011 Steve Jobs day. That will be the same day as the iPhone 4s is released.... Continue reading "Steve Jobs Dead at 56" »

If an NBA Tree Falls in the Forest Does Anyone Care?

The NBA has canceled the remainder of the preseason and will wipe out the first two weeks of the regular season if there is no labor agreement by Monday. Commissioner David Stern and deputy commissioner Adam Silver made the announcement after owners and players met for about four hours Tuesday... Continue reading "If an NBA Tree Falls in the Forest Does Anyone Care?" » iPhone, Blackberry, and Android App Now Available

Take every where you go with our new iPhone, Blackberry, Android, and mobile application app. Click here, then click on "Mobile Web App" to install the App. Make sure you add the icon to your homepage then check out our cutting edge articles, podcasts, videos, and more whenever and... Continue reading " iPhone, Blackberry, and Android App Now Available" »

Thursday Night College Football Pick: South Florida @ Pittsburgh

The undefeated South Florida Bulls (4-0) travel to take on the Pittsburgh Panthers (2-2) this Thursday night. It's a battle between Big East schools and should be an entertaining matchup. South Florida opened up the season as a 10.5 underdog at Notre Dame, when they sprung the upset, 23-20. They... Continue reading "Thursday Night College Football Pick: South Florida @ Pittsburgh" »

Jobs in America and Los Angeles

The only way that people in America and Los Angeles will get jobs is to move to India, the Philippines, and China. Companies have sent their customer service jobs to India and the Philippines and their manufacturing jobs to China. They aren’t coming back. American companies save millions each year... Continue reading "Jobs in America and Los Angeles" »

Ninja Neo-Colonialism

When it comes to colonialism, the US has tended to take a different approach than our European forefathers. The Belgians had their "chop off a hand if they aren't working hard enough" method, the French used a "leave the country in even worse shape than you found it" doctrine and... Continue reading "Ninja Neo-Colonialism" »

Is Mark Sanchez the most overpaid NFL player?

God bless them folks over at Forbes, they truly are the sports business reporters best friend. However, they continually get things wrong. The latest is their pick of the NFL's most over paid player. They picked New York Jets QB Mark Sanchez, and I must say it seems pretty clear... Continue reading "Is Mark Sanchez the most overpaid NFL player?" »

What should Detroit do with the old Tiger Stadium site? - Detroit Sports Media |

What should Detroit do with the old Tiger Stadium site? - Detroit Sports Media | Continue reading "What should Detroit do with the old Tiger Stadium site? - Detroit Sports Media |" »

Manny Being Unmanly: Ramirez Once Beloved, Now Arrested and Detested

Manny Manhandles Mrs. Manny J. Meric/Getty Images Slugger Manny Ramirez, erstwhile Boston Red Sox player and showboat, has left baseball for the hoosegow. For the time being he will be wearing pinstripes, not for the Yankees, but for a Florida jailhouse. The man with the dreadlocks has now entered the... Continue reading "Manny Being Unmanly: Ramirez Once Beloved, Now Arrested and Detested" »

A Very Serious Post

With all the serious things happening in the world right now, I want to write a serious post. President Obama's jobs speech, the first Republican debate with Rick Perry, the continuing hunt for Gaddafi in Libya. Somebody turned the world up to 11 and I want to talk about it.... Continue reading "A Very Serious Post" »

0 is for Obama and Zero Jobs

Zero net jobs growth in the United States! Now that is Hope and Zero Change we can all believe in. Employment growth ground to a halt in August, as sagging consumer confidence discouraged already skittish U.S. businesses from hiring, keeping pressure on the Federal Reserve to provide more monetary stimulus... Continue reading "0 is for Obama and Zero Jobs" »

Vladimir Putin Makes More Than You

A recent study illustrated what you already knew: Nice guys really do finish last. But this should come as no surprise to anyone. People don't usually gush about how nice Carlos Slim is or wax eloquent on Warren Buffet's warm hugs. This also explains a bit about baseball. The highest... Continue reading "Vladimir Putin Makes More Than You" » Video Corner

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