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Rex Ryan: New Career as Thespian Awaits as He Readies for Closeup

DATELINE: HUMOR! Not since movie character stars like S.Z. ‘Cuddles’ Sakall or even John Goodman has there been quite the big star character actor like Rex Ryan. Fans may hope that Hollywood calls soon with a fistful of dollars and supervillain scripts, and that Ryan realizes his true calling is... Continue reading "Rex Ryan: New Career as Thespian Awaits as He Readies for Closeup" »

Hot Chicks and Cool Sports Links: Week Nine NFL Picks

Hot Chicks and cool sports links: Week Nine NFL Picks. Continue reading "Hot Chicks and Cool Sports Links: Week Nine NFL Picks" »

New Picture Expected Soon: The Naked Gun with Michael Vick

DATELINE: HUMOR! It shouldn’t happen to a dog, but Michael Vick has barked up the wrong tree again. A scorned woman, allegedly a jailhouse hummingbird from the clinker days, has photos she wants to sell. Vick is purported to be a man without pocket protection. Some more enterprising journalists wonder... Continue reading "New Picture Expected Soon: The Naked Gun with Michael Vick" »

New England Patriots Give Kim Kardashian Run for Her Money

DATELINE: HUMOR! No matter what outlandish publicity stunt Kim Kardashian tries, she finds herself upstaged by the New England Patriots at every turn. The sports pages used to be a dull place of box scores and interchangeable photos of athletes in their team jersey. Now everything is upside down, and... Continue reading "New England Patriots Give Kim Kardashian Run for Her Money" »

A Hope for a Nation in Disarray... Music

I don't know the answer. I don't know that the answer is important. What is known is that things are in dissaray. We are broke and in many cases broken. What is missing in the midst of all this social discord and political pissing match is the love that once... Continue reading "A Hope for a Nation in Disarray... Music" »

Journalism: An industry and a Craft By John Joyce

The path to professional journalism, for many, begins in the college newsroom. Dreams of one day obtaining a New York Times byline or a slot at a cable news outlet fly high, only to come crashing down falling short of their target like story ideas littering the floor around a... Continue reading "Journalism: An industry and a Craft By John Joyce" »

NFL Sunday Selection: Washington at Buffalo

I am still in a mild state of shock about the way the Stanford-USC game ended. The Trojans deserved better, and the people who bet on the Trojans certainly deserved better! After a well-played game ended regulation tied, the game went to OT and the ridiculous rules the NCAA employs.... Continue reading "NFL Sunday Selection: Washington at Buffalo" »

Bloomberg Confirms Report – Washington DC Sucking US Dry did a series of reports and observations from my 7 weeks this summer in our nation’s capital. It was clear to the naked eyes that unlike the rest of the country and especially East Coast cities like New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore that the DC Beltway area was a... Continue reading "Bloomberg Confirms Report – Washington DC Sucking US Dry" »

Cardiac Giants Knock Off Buffalo, 27-24

Nothing has come easy for the New York Giants in 2011. The injuries have piled up on both sides of the ball, every game has been decided late in the fourth quarter, but despite the adversity the NYG are 4-2 and in first place of the NFC East after Sunday’s... Continue reading "Cardiac Giants Knock Off Buffalo, 27-24" »

Steve,Afghanistan and Pakistan...

In 1990s, as a young-man growing in Asia, I was awestruck with the United States for its democratic values and competitive spirit. Now it seems much of that seems to be over.After the Sept 9/11, US went into what I feel 18th century `isolationism', where in in order to safeguard its own security it launched war on terror. While the fact was Asia especially India , Pakistan, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka were in terror radar since 1980s. Similarly, US response to economic slump in 2008,was looking inward, it started clamping on outsourcing. Both of these were a shocker, for a person who in 1980s has seen World through the eyes of US Information center in Mumbai. While for a small nations looking inside works, US should remember, the empire builders never look inwards for the leadership hence England,France and Portugal could rule for 400 years or more in many parts of the world. US should approach the current crises in the US economy with opening its doors than closing. Because it should realize that its biggest challenge ``China'' is creation of MNCs from Europe and North America. Time to listen to history or it will be too late.An epitaph to American dream will be a sad day to world history. Continue reading "Steve,Afghanistan and Pakistan..." »

Triple Coverage Podcast 10/5/2011

Triple Coverage's new Podcast is available. You can listen on's new 24/7 online radio station by clicking here, on Livio Radio, Radio Time, or in iTunes Radio in the sports category. You can also subscribe to our Podcast in iTunes. (Search for or listen by clicking on the... Continue reading "Triple Coverage Podcast 10/5/2011" »

Steve Jobs Dead at 56

Apple cofounder Steve Jobs has passed away at age 56. The leader of Apple had been battling cancer since 2004 and stepped down from leading the company on August 24. Apple named October 14, 2011 Steve Jobs day. That will be the same day as the iPhone 4s is released.... Continue reading "Steve Jobs Dead at 56" »

The NFL is Bleeding Pink

For the NFL Breast Cancer Awareness month is in full swing. Players from every team are representing the month by wearing pink gear. Anything from pink shoes, to pink gloves and pink wristbands have been seen across the teams. Did I mention the game balls also have the ribbon on... Continue reading "The NFL is Bleeding Pink" »


PRICELESS NFL PICKS was a disappointing 6 of 16 in Week 4 of the NFL season. Thanks very much to the Cowboys and Eagles for making this week a disaster. That means I am now 34 for 63 on the season and will look to do better this week. PRICELESS... Continue reading "PRICELESS NFL PICKS 2011 – WEEK 5" »

ESPN Pulls Hank Williams Jr from MNF - Kanye West to Replace Him

CHECK OUT THE VIDEO AND MAKE YOUR OWN DECISIONS. ESPN pulled the Hank Williams Jr. music introduction to MNF because Williams, who is very out spoken about politics, made an analogy comparing President Obama playing golf with Congressional Republican leaders to Adolph Hitler playing golf with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin... Continue reading "ESPN Pulls Hank Williams Jr from MNF - Kanye West to Replace Him" » Video Corner

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