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Jumping Thanks

Admit it. It may be Monday, but your mind is already on Thursday -- Thanksgiving -- the one day of the year where your sole responsibility is to eat yourself into a coma, sprawl out on the couch and watch football for 7 hours while catnapping as necessary. You get... Continue reading "Jumping Thanks" »

What Should Penn State Do With Joe Paterno’s Statue?

DATELINE: HUMOR! In an age when there is a proliferation of bronze statues around the nation, pigeons are the happiest creatures on earth. Boston is in the process of creating more statues to go along with those for Ted Williams, Red Auerbach, Bobby Orr, and soon Bill Russell. Another statue,... Continue reading "What Should Penn State Do With Joe Paterno’s Statue?" »


11-9-11 A.D.D. PSU in Disarray, Joe & Joe sound off on what is ! Rest in Peace Smokin' Joe Frazier, boxing immortal. Giants give Pats dose of their own medicine and get ready to play 7-1 49ers and Frank Gore, we will tell you what we think about that. Jets... Continue reading "A.D.D. SportsRadio #GETDIAGNOSED" »

MTR Radio Announces it's New Lineup is proud to announce it's new lineup. Listen now at or on your smartphone. The new lineup includes all of you favorite shows and a few great new shows. MTR Radio is your Listen At Work Station. Tune in when you get to the office and listen all... Continue reading "MTR Radio Announces it's New Lineup" »

RSBS Presents: The Best

Superlatives get thrown around a lot, especially as eras in our lives come to a close. Most likely to succeed. Most likely to get married. Most likely to find themselves face down in a ditch being sodomized by a goat. Superlatives have become blase and almost have no meaning anymore.... Continue reading "RSBS Presents: The Best" »

Calling all Sports Haters! The Most Overused and Misused Word of the Year!

DATELINE: HUMOR SET ASIDE FOR TODAY Lately a rash of comments have appeared on various posts that denigrate the writer as a “hater.” This appears to be the replacement term for what used to be called various name-calling fads, including the now out of fashion term, gay. Finally, that one... Continue reading "Calling all Sports Haters! The Most Overused and Misused Word of the Year!" »

Miami Heat ..Step up Ya Grind

Outside of the two “Taj Mahal Dunks” by Mr. Gibson, what was stark in yesterday’s opening serve of the NBA’s Eastern Conference Finals was the number of second chance opportunities compiled by the Chicago Bulls against the Miami Heat. I lost count last night…but the official number was around 31.... Continue reading " Miami Heat ..Step up Ya Grind" »

NFL News: Zbikowsi Moonlighting As A Boxer

Ravens safety Tom Zbikowski may not care about the lockout if this continues. The 5'11" Cruiserweight easily dispatched of overmatched Blake Wagner in one round last night in Thackerville Oklahoma. Zbikowski ran his record to 4-0. It will be interesting to see how he fares against higher quality opponents. The... Continue reading "NFL News: Zbikowsi Moonlighting As A Boxer" »

EA iPhone games on sale for $1

EA iPhone games are on a major sale this weekend on the Apple App Store. Electronic Arts games are some of the best iPhone games including the Sims, Madden NFL, Dead Space and other hits that gamers of all age enjoy. Hardcore Gamers particular love EA games, as Madden NFL... Continue reading "EA iPhone games on sale for $1" »

Flippin' Out Radio: Turnpike Throw Down March 24, 2011

James Flippin and Jeff Costello from Flippin' Out Radio star in the latest Turnpike Throwdown. The new Podcast is available. You can listen on's new 24/7 online radio station by clicking here, by subscribing to our Podcast in iTunes. (Search for or by clicking on the link below!... Continue reading "Flippin' Out Radio: Turnpike Throw Down March 24, 2011" » Video Corner

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