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Bobby Valentine Offers ‘V’ to the Red Sox

DATELINE: HUMOR! V (for those wondering) is the drink of choice for vampires on the cable series called True Blood. The dosage is considered narcotic and is illegal for humans to drink. The symbol ‘V’ also stands for victory in more pedestrian beer drinking baseball circles. Somewhere in this mixology,... Continue reading "Bobby Valentine Offers ‘V’ to the Red Sox" »

Cohen's Corner: Red Sox roll dice on the Zen of Bobby V

It was only a matter of time before Bobby Valentine returned to a major league dugout. One of the game's most coveted managerial candidates over the past number of years since his firing from the New York Mets in 2002, Valentine brings his disciplinarian approach to Bean town. Met fans... Continue reading "Cohen's Corner: Red Sox roll dice on the Zen of Bobby V" »

Valentine Masked by the Mayor

Stop it. Stop looking at me like that. If you want a Bobby Valentine/Red Sox dramaschlobfest post then go check out the worldwide leader in sports smut. This is Red State Blue State. And today we're talking about THE MAYOR. That's right. While Larry Lucchino was busy going behind Red... Continue reading "Valentine Masked by the Mayor" »

Rondo, We Hardly Knew You—Still Don’t, and Never Will

DATELINE: HUMOR! The rumors of Rajon Rondo’s demise as a Celtic demigod may be greatly exaggerated. Rondo has always been a Boston lightning rod for overblown speculation. Ainge already has kicked the scuttlebutt. Doc Rivers never said that talking to Rondo was like talking to cement, as Dick Williams did... Continue reading "Rondo, We Hardly Knew You—Still Don’t, and Never Will" »

Kris Humphries: Dumb, Dumber, and Snookered

DATELINE: HUMOR! Kris Humphries now realizes how he was duped by Kim Kardashian. He has now admitted that he also considered buying the Brooklyn Bridge. Old film star Mae West once played a woman of dubious morals who sold the famed New York bridge to gullible young men who were... Continue reading "Kris Humphries: Dumb, Dumber, and Snookered" »

Hudson Hockey and Bonus BLSP

Hudson Hockey 11_29_11 John Pedersen and John Silva talkin ice and 10 minutes bonus of their filling for BLSP on a Talk Titan Tuesday... #getwellsoonbret Continue reading "Hudson Hockey and Bonus BLSP" »

The Old Sod Gums Up Tom Brady

DATELINE: HUMOR! A funny thing happened to Tom Brady on the way to slicing and dicing the Philadelphia Eagles at their home field. Tom tried sliding to avoid the behemoth tacklers on the Philly side as he scrambled with the ball. We have seen better slides from Uncle Fred’s holiday... Continue reading "The Old Sod Gums Up Tom Brady" »

Punic Wars Have Nothing on Boston and Philadelphia Rivalry

DATELINE: HUMOR! The rivalry between Boston and Philadelphia goes back a couple of centuries. Ben Franklin left Boston to move to the city of Brotherly Love, and lately Bostonians were less upset when Jonathan Papelbon took his talents to South Philly. We won't even mention the ancient battles between the... Continue reading "Punic Wars Have Nothing on Boston and Philadelphia Rivalry" »

Ochocinco Enjoys Super Power of Invisibility

DATELINE: HUMOR! Fans and media have failed to notice that major NFL star and social media personality Chad Ochocinco is actually a superhero with a secret power. He is invisible. Chad no longer runs faster than a speeding bullet. He is obviously seen tripping over the imaginary yellow first-down marker... Continue reading "Ochocinco Enjoys Super Power of Invisibility" »

Three Up, Three Down

Just like a Justin Verlander fastball, this is going to be quick, hard to see and will probably guilt you into crowning me with the MVP award: The Drah-mah in Bahhhh-ston Leave it to the Red Sox to be all dramatified in the offseason. As if their 2010 free agent... Continue reading "Three Up, Three Down" »

New England Patriot Fans Worry About Tennis Elbow

DATELINE: HUMOR! Tom Brady has tennis elbow. That black band around his elbow is not a memorial to fallen opponents, sliced and diced by Brady’s acumen over a decade of passes. Tom does not rub elbows with many quarterbacks in the NFL. Most QBs cannot touch him, and the situation... Continue reading "New England Patriot Fans Worry About Tennis Elbow " »

Puck You and Gronk You Very Much

DATELINE: HUMOR! Legendary pinup boy and New England Patriots tight end and bon vivant, Rob Gronkowski cuts his teeth in the NFL by amassing a fine of $7500 for spiking the football after he scores a touchdown. He is now a repeat offender. Gronking and spiking have become more synonymous... Continue reading "Puck You and Gronk You Very Much" »

2011 MLB season in review: Boston Red Sox

Even though this team won 90 games, they will forever be remembered for the historic collapse in September. They went 7-20 in that month, choked away a playoff birth, and got their manger and general manger fired for lack of a better word. They dominated the New York Yankees beating... Continue reading "2011 MLB season in review: Boston Red Sox" »

Rob Gronkowski Outshines Dude Lebowski

DATELINE: HUMOR! Move over, Paul Bunyon and Johnny Appleseed! A new titan has come down from Mount Olympus to give us a demigod for the 21st century. A new legendary figure of titanic feats, Gronk enters the folklore faster than a speeding bullet and better able to jump over the... Continue reading "Rob Gronkowski Outshines Dude Lebowski" »

MLB Agrees to Labor Deal: Are the Changes Good or Bad for Baseball?

According to, Bud Selig is a hero. When he became commissioner in 1992, Major League Baseball was a $1 billion a year business. Baseball had revenues of over $7 billion in 2011. The sport is at an all time high for popularity. But are the changes that have been... Continue reading "MLB Agrees to Labor Deal: Are the Changes Good or Bad for Baseball?" » Video Corner

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