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Rangers hit five HRs in 10-3 win

At this point in the season, the Texas Rangers are just trying to stay hot and just maybe grab homefield advantage for the playoffs. Well, they took steps toward both tonight. The offense blasted off with five home runs, and the team earned a commanding win over a fading Angels... Continue reading "Rangers hit five HRs in 10-3 win" »

Rangers eradicate Angels' playoff hopes

Oh what a weekend! When I landed in Las Vegas Friday night, I immediately checked scores. The Rangers had won, and the Angels and A's were in the final inning of their game. By the time our plane reached the gate, the American League West division race was over. My... Continue reading "Rangers eradicate Angels' playoff hopes" »

Magic number is 2

The Blue Jays rallied to tie the game and then enjoyed a walk-off win, so the Rangers' magic number is down to 2. Should be a fun weekend ahead in Arlington. I forgot to mention in my last post that I will be out of town this weekend, so there... Continue reading "Magic number is 2" »

Tables turn, Rangers lose bullpen battle

Before the game started, I was really worried about Colby Lewis. He didn't have a great day, but he held his ground against Trevor Cahill, a guy who seems to give the Rangers a fit quite often. In the end, it was the Rangers' bullpen that lost today's battle, and... Continue reading "Tables turn, Rangers lose bullpen battle" »

Rangers win bullpen battle

The Rangers' bullpen has been the subject of mixed press this season. They've been blamed for some ugly meltdowns. They've been praised for scoreless streaks. All in all, they're going to be a huge factor down the line. And tonight, they showed a little of what they can do --... Continue reading "Rangers win bullpen battle" »

Holland gets 15th win in Oakland

Derek Holland was outstanding tonight. Dropped his ERA from 4.02 to 3.92 in one outing. Does that tell you enough? No? OK. I don't mind talking about him a little bit more. Holland pitched seven innings, throwing 107 pitches, striking out seven, walking three and allowing just one run on... Continue reading "Holland gets 15th win in Oakland" »

Harrison, bullpen throw 19th team shutout

The Rangers only had four hits off of Blake Beavan, but somehow managed nine hits and three runs off of Seattle's big arm, Felix Hernandez. Baseball never fails to confuse me. But I'm not going to complain. I admit, Hernandez is one of the pitchers I always dread facing. It... Continue reading "Harrison, bullpen throw 19th team shutout" »

Offense, bullpen save Lewis from loss

Tonight's game was closer than it should have been. Too bad the Mariners couldn't be nice and leave Anthony Vasquez in beyond the three innings he pitched. I mean, sure he gave up five runs on seven hits (including back-to-back-to-back solo home runs), but at this point, what is Seattle... Continue reading "Offense, bullpen save Lewis from loss" »

Rangers look sleepy in Seattle

Well, I slept through most of Thursday's game (stupid allergies attacked), and I missed the first few innings of Friday's game while I watched Iowa State football. Well, "missed" is probably the wrong word. I didn't see it. And I'm not sure I'm sad about that after reading tweets and... Continue reading "Rangers look sleepy in Seattle" »

Hamilton's grand slam caps eight-run inning

Free flooring! Free money! The Rangers were in the giving spirit tonight. Josh Hamilton hit a grand slam in the 4th inning, fulfilling a promotion by CC Carpet in DFW, which promised free carpet and counters if this occurred. Of course, the fine print is that the order had to... Continue reading "Hamilton's grand slam caps eight-run inning" »

Murphy with two HRs in 10-4 win

Oh, Rangers baseball, how I missed you. Tonight's game was the first one I'd seen in a week. The finale in Tampa was a matinee, and then I was out of town for the Oakland series. My boys made sure I got a show though -- four home runs and... Continue reading "Murphy with two HRs in 10-4 win" »

Rangers lose in extras despite two Kinsler HRs

Don't tell Ian Kinsler the ball doesn't carry well at Tropicana Field. He's likely to laugh in your face. The Rangers' 2B added two home runs to his season total today, and he now sits at 28 and has tied Nelson Cruz for the team lead in home runs. He... Continue reading "Rangers lose in extras despite two Kinsler HRs" »

Wilson, Murphy show off in 8-0 win

Is Disney World still called the happiest place on Earth? It certainly was a happy place for my boys tonight. Let's talk about C.J. Wilson for a moment, shall we? That cryotherapy thing must be a miracle treatment because since then, he has been completely commanding. Tonight, he threw his... Continue reading "Wilson, Murphy show off in 8-0 win" »

Rangers lose 5-1 in Labor Day matinee

It's not a good thing when you know an ump's name. So I groaned when I learned Joe West was the homeplate ump in today's game. He's already had a great weekend in Philly. I just knew he would JoeWest the Rangers today in Tampa. And I was correct. Look... Continue reading "Rangers lose 5-1 in Labor Day matinee" »

Rangers feast on Red Sox pitching, win 11-4

The Red Sox and Rangers obviously don't like to play close games when they face each other. Jamey Newberg pointed out on Twitter this afternoon that there has not been a single save in the Rangers-Red Sox season series. Interesting. If only Ron Washington had sent one of the bullpen... Continue reading "Rangers feast on Red Sox pitching, win 11-4" » Video Corner

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