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Rangers fans enjoy YU-letide celebration

Ever since the bidding ended on Dec. 14, fans have been waiting ... and waiting ... and waiting ... and waiting to find out who won the rights to negotiate with Japanese-Iranian pitching phenomenon Yu Darvish.

Yep.  Just the RIGHTS TO NEGOTIATE.  It's strange how Japan does baseball business, but that's just another thing I probably won't ever understand.

Either way, all the waiting finally came to an end shortly after 10 p.m. CST on Monday night.


To the tune of $51.7 million

The Rangers now have 30 days to sign Yu Darvish to a contract.

My instincts tell me to be guarded.  I know very little about Darvish, except what I've seen on YouTube and read from fellow fans and some  trusted sports writers (Kevin Goldstein, I'm looking at you). This guy has never pitched in Major League Baseball.  On the other hand, if the Rangers are high enough on him that they'll pay him more than they were willing to pony up for C.J., well ... then maybe it's OK to get excited.

In JD, I trust.


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