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Opinions are like noses, everyone has one. I am a Legal Immigrant and for me as for other Legal Immigrants getting the citizenship is a great privilege. The majority of us are educated, professional people who were searching for freedom and the pursuit of happiness and that was the reason why we left the land that saw us born. We studied all about America, proved that we weren’t going to be an economic burden on society and then later after exhaustive scrutiny from the Immigration Department, we were accepted to have the high honor to be the new adopted children of the United States of America and our dreams became a reality. It was a wonderful feeling that I will never forget as long as I live.

WE ARE AMERICANS BY CHOICE!  We believe that it was worth it to wait  5, 10 or 15 years to come to America. But now years later I question, what happen to the system? The system is broken. How did that happen? I have only one answer. This is yet another successful act from the progressives who day by day worked hard to accomplish their goal of making America a weak nation, vulnerable to the enemy and communism.  Also the immigration department got sloppy and lost control of the people who came in and went out of the country. I believe that they closed their eyes conveniently when they learned about the illegals crossing the frontiers by the thousands. The government from the beginning had a plan and protected them giving them a complete package of welfare making this nation a magnet for illegals from all over the world. And now we are saturated with illegals and some candidates are planning on giving them amnesty and citizenship?

Then this is a message to the world that being an American is not big deal anymore!  This is absurd. This means that those illegals are going to be rewarded with the most precious right on the planet of being AMERICAN CITIZENS after breaking the law? Maybe the American people can’t understand, because they were born here. Let me tell you something, just because you were born in this country doesn’t make you a true American. What makes you an American is to show what you can do for the safety and the freedom of your country. There are worms that are born in American soil, but they are hopeless, can’t do anything due to their insect state. But humans have a superior intellect. SO PLEASE, I BEG YOU, DON’T DISHONOR THE CITIZENSHIP!


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As they did in Alabama, empower each state with the power to identify and deport illegals and they would be gone in a month, either on their own or with a little help. Then being an American would mean something again.

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