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Can the Packers go Undefeated? No, Here's Why...

The Dolphins went 14-0 in 1972.  The Patriots went 16-0 in 2007.  Can the Packers also go undefeated?  To answer your question . . . no!

Aaron Rodgers UndefeatedIt takes a certain arrogance to go undefeated.  A team that plays with class has difficulty accomplishing this task.  Think about it, how many 15-0 teams have the arrogance to throw their entire starting line-up out there - risking injury to key players - because they're chasing a record?  Only one that I know of.  You guessed it, the New England Patriots - the most arrogant team in the NFL!  

The 2009 Indianapolis Colts found themselves 14-0 going into the final two weeks of the season.  They could have let Peyton Manning & gang go out there and needlessly embaress the competition, but that really wasn't necessary.  Instead, they sat their key players and kept them clear of trouble.  They lost their last two games, finishing 14-2.

This is typical in the NFL.  Everybody wants to go undefeated - but - the goal is to end up in the Super Bowl and show up with healthy players.  Going undefeated is enticing, but sitting your star quarterback in the final game of the season is the right move when you're 15-0 and have everything already wrapped up.  The team has to take priority over personal achievements!

The only team capable of having an undefeated season is the New England Patriots.  They play for all the wrong reasons.  From top to bottom, the organization has NO class!  In 2007 they accomplished this task.  Going into the final game, you might think they would sit Brady.  Nope, there were records to chase, there were stats to pack!  

  • Week 17, the Patriots were 15-0.  Tom Brady took every snap, completing 32-of-45 passes for 356-yards with 2 TD's.  Completely unnecessary!!!

Don't expect the Packers go undefeated.  If the Packers enter the final game at 15-0, I'm quite confident Aaron Rodgers will not set out to throw 45 passes for 350-plus yards.  His goal is to get to the Super Bowl, not to play for his numbers!  


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