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NBA Shoots Horses and Chris Paul



Like instant coffee, just add NBA ownership to the hot water.  The New Orleans Hornets have become freeze-dried.

How do you like your toast buttered? Put a little honey on that Hornet.

The Chris Paul trade is deader than a doornail.

Some NBA players may shuffle off to Buffalo, but Chris Paul is not bringing his act to the Big Showtime in L.A.

Chris Paul, Kobe hardly knew ye.

The NBA let Paul suit up before they dressed him down.

There, but for the grace of God, went Rajon Rondo.

As David Stern said, it was a far, far better place Chris Paul goes to, and it is a far, far better thing Stern does.

It’s tea for two and tit for tat, except in the NBA.

Hold the phone! Stop the presses, and now tweet the Twitter. The deal is done, off, over, and out.

Good night, ye merry media. You have been skunked and had your clock cleaned.

Nobody seemed to know that the New Orleans Hornets had a reach that exceeded their grasp, and now there appears to be no funds in that checking account. Overdrawn and overblown.

If this were baseball, it would be the Rollie Fingers story all over again.

Yes, Chris Paul, you can’t ever go home again.

The Big Easy is now a little harder, and the saints have gone marching all the way to the levy like lemings on the march.

Chris Paul had a wow moment, when he tweeted one word, “Wow.” Next, he called his lawyer. This may be a federal case.

There are no small market teams, only small market owners.  There are only Washington Generals leading the basketball wars.

It’s no big deal (NBD) at the NBA (no big agreements).

Though his preferences used to be L.A. and N.Y.C., Chris Paul now prefers to play in any other league.

It’s good night to all in Los Angeles, and a better night to fans of the NBA.


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