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Lebron can't take the HEAT

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ImagesIs Lebron a piece of work or what?  In his most recent stunt yesterday, Lebron went on ESPN, sat uncomfortably close to interviewer Rachel Nichols, and cried about how he’s actually a good guy, and not the villain he’s portrayed to be.

 It was a cry for pity if I’ve ever heard one.  I know he said, “this isn’t me asking for sympathy,” but, well, this was him asking for sympathy.  It’s like when people start a sentence by saying, “I don’t want to be mean, but…” right before they call you ugly.

 I don’t want to be mean but…Lebron, no one’s playing violin for your sad story.   You should just embrace the villain role, because your “hometown hero” ship has sailed.

 No matter the situation, Lebron needs to be in the spotlight.  Whether its playing flag football with Kevin Durant against five foot nothing cornerbacks, dunking on 10 year-olds at summer camp, or crying that he’s the bad guy now, he loves the attention. 

 He doesn’t just feed his ego, he serves it five course meals. 

 He infamously held a one-hour special about himself on ESPN known as “The Decision.” Now, a year and a half later, he realizes everyone hates him and has a two part, 10-minute interview special on ESPN apologizing for it.

 Bron Bron can take his talents to South Beach, but maybe the bad interviews should have stayed in Cleveland.

 This whole thing is just a bluff.  Anyone can bet big on the flop, but when its time to show the cards he folds- like his fourth quarter performances.

 Actions speak louder than words, and maybe it’s time to just stop talking all together.  How about getting the first NBA championship, out of the six that you so humbly promised.

 It’s time to cool it with the antics and win a couple ball games.  A couple perimeter-shooting drills probably wouldn’t kill you either.

 Final thought:  Are Lebron’s PR people the dumbest people on earth?  I feel like Mike Tyson’s Public Relations guys are watching this thinking “at least we didn’t screw up THIS bad.”



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