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Kris Humphries: Dumb, Dumber, and Snookered



Kris Humphries now realizes how he was duped by Kim Kardashian. He has now admitted that he also considered buying the Brooklyn Bridge.

Old film star Mae West once played a woman of dubious morals who sold the famed New York bridge to gullible young men who were attracted to her.

Mae’s counterpart, W.C. Fields, even starred in a movie called Never Give a Sucker an Even Break. Kim Kardashian clearly was not about to let this ‘live one’ jump off the bridge before forcing nuptials upon him.

If the Queen of Calculated Videotape Sex was going to subject herself to a fraudulent marriage, she chose wisely. Kris Humphries was big, handsome, and dumb.

In the old movie My Little Chickadee, Mae West “married” W.C. Fields out of convenience. She had no intention of sleeping with him—ever.

Each night she would turn out the lights and put an old goat in the bed with Fields who was so near-sighted that he felt she was cold, wearing a fur coat to bed.

When the old goat cried out, “mmmaaaa,” Fields was touched that the nervous girl was calling for her mother.

We suspect that Kris Humphries may have fallen into the same trap game.

Of course, the other side of the coin was that Kris was locked out of his job. He feared that there would be no paychecks for the season, and his wife was one of the greatest moneymakers in cable television history. He knew a sucker when he bedded one.

Both made out like bandits in this farce marriage, leaving only the injured feelings of their fans in their wake. Neither one cared much for those suckers once they had picked their pockets.


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