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Flex Time Rears Its Ugly Head: Tebow Meets the Devil and Miss Jones



  TebowThe NFL wants to change the time of the Tebowl with the New England Patriots to the network where big ratings and fat peacocks show their stuff on Sunday Night Football, SNF on NBC.

Alas, the partners of Bob Kraft are CBS who have a place in the Disneyworld the Krafts built in Foxboro. CBS Place has replaced Boardwalk on the Monopoly board.

Old-timers may recall that God used to work at CBS. Their titan political commentator named Eric Sevareid was so imposing that everyone called him”God. “ 

Nowadays God seems to be over on the Denver side with Tim Tebow.

That leaves the Devil to pay for the Patriots. Thank heavens Rob Gronkowski has ties to Miss Bibi Jones, a devil of a movie star. Or, maybe it is a double-edge sword.

Owner Bob Kraft may be irritated that CBS will be cast out of his Eden to favor the rival NBC. Kraft does not like the idea that chartered jets must return to Boston from the thin air game in middle of the dark morning. Worse, the Patriots must play on Christmas Eve the following week on short time.

The Devil is laughing up his NFL Bronco jersey sleeve.

To placate the irked players who lose sleep, lose practice time, and must face the mug of the angry coach, Bob Kraft may have to buy his players expensive headphones, a bribe befitting of satanic majesty.

Red Sox owner John Henry Moneybags apologized to his temperamental players by buying each an elegant headphone because they were asked to jump a jet plane and play games late because of rain delays in September.

The Red Sox promptly collapsed in response; Kraft knows better than Henry that it is better to rule in hell than serve in heaven.

All this goes back to God Squad’s sweetheart, the praying mantis of the NFL, Tim Tebow, whose angelic ratings bonanza is now a cash cow in a Hindu world.

God is on Tebow's side, and the Patriots look like they are caught between the devil and the deep.


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