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Opinions are like noses and everyone have one. My opinion is that the 2008 election was hacked by the Progressive Demo-rats with the help of their fairy godfather George Soros, who is the owner of the Diebold Voting Machines that were used on 2008 elections.

As you can see the radical progressive media kept it quiet, because they are in complicity with this dishonest corrupted act of fraud, manipulating the elections to make Obama win the Presidential election.  Now I understand why Obama keeps making comments like “THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE STUPID”.

Is it because of the fraudulent election in which he is the person of interest?  And is he right we are so STUPID THAT WE CAN’T SEE FRAUD? He knows that he won because the election was manipulated to favor him, so now he is confident that on 2012 he is going to be re-elected. I believe that we already are just like the third world countries where fraud, cheating is ok, and the end justifies the means, which is a communist belief.

So I ask to myself, are we still a great nation? Are we still the first power in the world? Are we still having some hope to save America? Are we going to accept the 2012 election fraud again? Are we going to refuse to vote with George Soros’ voting machines?  If we do, then we are going to be obsolete and the future of our children is going to be just a dark blurry world where there is no hope, just sorrow.

I can’t believe that the 2008 election was hacked by Soros’ people and we did nothing and the people who knew, did nothing and said nothing. Where are the heroes? Where are the gutless leaders leading a nation of gutless citizens?

Look above you and talk to God so he may help you to decide what to do to save your country and bring light in this moment of darkness!

By Juliya Kasimirov  


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What a way to control an election. Just take over the voting machines and use your own people to "fix" them. The outcome is enevitable. Our country then goes down the drain.

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