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As "California Schools Brace for Fiscal Fallout" what should LAUSD do?

Cut! But away from the schools.

Eliminate the Local District Offices.

Cut the Beaudry bureaucracy by 90%.

Sell Beaudry and Channel 58.

Exterminate all outside offices.

Sell all cars.

Drastically reduce testing.

Eliminate work books and go back to pencil and paper work.

According to  Education Week "the state treasury will be down as much as $3.7 billion, which would automatically trigger up to $2 billion in midyear spending cuts in public programs that will fall hard on K-12 education."

The district will be in deep doo doo. Do not cut from the schools. Do cut away from the schools. There are so many jobs, departments, and programs that have little or no effect on the education of the students.

LAUSD, do not cut from the schools--so much has already been cut!


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