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Andy Reid is Not a Failure!

The Andy Reid Story:

He doesn't know how to manage the clock.  He never has time-outs left.  He doesn't run the ball, though he's got one of the best running back's in football.  He says he's gonna do a better job, but never does.  He says he's going to put the team in a better position to succeed, but he doesn't do that either.  He says it's his fault, he's right!  And yes, he made an Offensive Line Coach a Defensive Coordinator.  

Oh yeah, ZERO Super Bowl victories.  That's not a lot, is it?

Despite his lack of success - in all aspects of the game - Andy Reid is not a failure.  He may appear to be on paper, but there's more to the picture.  He's got a lot of friends!

No Man is a Failure That Has Friends - Including Andy Reid

 "Remember no man is a failure who has friends!"   -- Clarence



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