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What Phillies Fans Can Be Thankful For: 2011 Edition

The annual tradition continues with my 2011 edition of things to be thankful for.  Put down the fork for a few seconds and enjoy:

What We Can All Be Thankful For:

Soccer fan- 5 straight NL East Titles :O)

- The Houston Astros: Because some team has to suck this badly.  Be glad it is not the Phillies.

- Soccer fans: Because they make baseball fans seem tame.

- Seeing Roy Halladay pitch. It never gets old.

- Text messaging: Because I did not feel like talking to you anyway ;o)

- Politicians: I can be 100% assured that my moral compass points in the right direction after watching these people.

175 ruiz- Panama: Because they produced Carlos Ruiz :O)

- Gravity

- Umpires: They make me feel really smart.

- Modern plumbing.  Belize is a nice place to visit, unless you need to use the bathroom. :O(

- Form fitting baseball pants

- Chocolate

- Friends, family and my fellow Phans!

- Everything in this video:

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Photos by Jenn Zambri Photography except soccer lady,



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