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Tyler Palko: Will a Star Be Born, Providing the Chiefs With a Movie Script Ending?


Never underestimate football replacements. They are always a surprise.

Any New England Patriot fan can recall when a lowly draft choice was under the gun and had to replace the franchise quarterback.

Drew Bledsoe never recovered from watching Tom Brady become a superstar. Soon Bledsoe continued his career elsewhere, and the no name quarterback became the latest incarnation of Judy Garland and Barbra Streisand in A Star is Born.

Monday night the NFL world will meet Shane Palko, or is that Tyler Falco? We are so easily confused. He’s a newly minted Kansas City Chiefs quarterback who will step into the limelight in prime time.

Is Mr. Cecil B. De Mille in the house to provide a closeup?

Patriots who underestimate Palko/Falco will do so at their own risk.

Matt Cassel, injured starting KC QB, and former Patriot backup who stepped into stardom when Tom Brady went down, may be calling his travel agent to see where the needs in the NFL are greatest.

Could history repeat itself yet again? Could we have that darn deju vu all over again, as Yogi Berra too often experienced?

Fans who scoff that Tyler Palko is a bagboy in the NFL supermarket may do so at their own risk. All too often the pizza delivery boy makes good and takes over the company. Palko may deliver the goods on Monday Night Football.

The only difference between Shane Falco and Tyler Palko is that the script is not finished on Palko’s big night on the small screen.

As we recall, Shane Falco was not a slouch as a replacement in the movie world. And, anyone who thinks real life is less fantastic than a movie script has not been watching the news lately.



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