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Expressions of Giant's Coach Tom Coughlin

#1: Hey Coughlin, you just won the Super Bowl

Coughlin Expressions 1

#2: Tom Coughlin holding the winning Lottery ticket

Coughlin Expressions 2

#3: Coughlin's wife just wished him a happy anniversary

Coughlin Expressions 3

#4: "Who the hell printed this?"  "I can't read a goddamn thing!!"

Coughlin Expressions 4

#5: Coughlin, just saying hello!

Coughlin Expressions 5

#6: "Don't mess with me.  I'm Crazy!!!"

Coughlin Expressions 6

#7: Coughlin's more of a Chevy guy if you know what I mean

Coughlin a Chevy Guy

#8: Couhglin just told he won't get to meet Connie Mack :-)

Coughlin Expressions 7

#9: Hey Coughlin, DeSean Jackson just ran a punt back for a touchdown.  You're not going to the playoffs!

Coughlin Unhappy



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