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Pass the Crown! (Clue Update - 11.17.2011)

Today is the day we humbled bloggers at RSBS get to share with you, dear readers, the clue to what our Pass the Crown gift from Crown Royal may be! Remember, in this gift swap among the interwebs' finest, one of our lucky readers will be the beneficiary of whatever RSBS receives! So far an iPad 2 has been revealed as well as a private party for up to 40 people hosted by Crown Royal in your home market and an Omaha Steaks All-American Combo.

The clue to our gift is...

So now we need your help. We have until 4 p.m. ET today (11/17) to let Crown Royal know if we are going to keep our bag and open our gift or if we're gonna swipe one of those already revealed. Since one of you will be the beneficiary, we want to hear your voice! Comment, email us ([email protected]) or holla back on Twitter (@RSBS). We'll be tweeting about it with the #PassTheCrown hashtag.

Bottoms up!

Jeff, Allen, Johanna & the Interns

P.S. Like the embroidery work on that there CR bag? Then make sure to check out how to customize your own! They are available to adults (21+) on for $9.95 and feature a max of 40 characters, making the perfect gift for the whiskey drinker in your life (if you're like us, then you have a lot of those).


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The gifts already revealed are pretty sweet, but I'm a sucker for the "unknown". Keep the bag and open the gift!

I just want to see the crown.

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