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Three Up, Three Down

Just like a Justin Verlander fastball, this is going to be quick, hard to see and will probably guilt you into crowning me with the MVP award:

The Drah-mah in Bahhhh-ston Leave it to the Red Sox to be all dramatified in the offseason. As if their 2010 free agent signing flop and subsequent September fail-to-the-finish that included video games, fried chicken and an "Adios, Tito!" (let's leave the beer out of this, shall we?) wasn't enough drama for one year, they had to go and add to the pile by involving Bobby Valentine in their managerial search. Don't get me wrong. I love Bobby V and I really hope he gets the job 'cuz he's a bad@ss whose mere presence makes the league better (and more entertaining); but he also comes packin' drama. And the fact that the owners interviewed him before allowing new GM Ben Cherington to have his say suggests that the drama between ownership and the front office will continue to rival that of its on-the-field representation.

Pepper Spray: "It's a Food Product, Essentially"
Fox News host Megyn Kelly should consider a move to the Food Network. I think spraying Emeril Lagasse with a jumbo-sized canister of pepper spray would add some much needed tension to their programming. And besides, pepper spray is "a food product, essentially".

Bringing Back the Blue Jays

At a time when a Lil Wayne-impersonating white dude from Pittsburgh is tops on the music charts -- in effect CRUSHING my hope for a revival of real, genuine rap music -- I would like to personally thank the Toronto Blue Jays for coming back to earth, for finally being real. When you have a classic look, there's never a reason to change it. The Yankees have managed this. So have the Cardinals. Sure they update to keep up with trends, but the core design never changes. The Blue Jays had one of the classiest, cleanest, most memorable unis in all of baseball.

And then they changed it all for... black and gray?

It's good to see them making good decisions again.

Happy Friday!



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