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The Hair Tackle . . . Awesome!!!

A Wide Receiver Gets Crushed; A Quarterback Gets Slammed to the Ground; Six Defenders Pile on a Running Back.  Ahh . . . Football.

Polaualu Hair TackedThere are many ways to take down the guy with the football, but there's one way that truly stands above them all - the "Hair Tackle!"

Yes, this is perfectly legal.  It doesn't sound like it should be, but the flowing locks that flourish beyond the helmet, covering up a players name (often their number too), is considered to be part of their uniform.  Sweet!  You can take a player down by his hair, why would you do it any other way? 

Torrey Smith Hair Tackle

The Polamalu take down is the best!  Watch as Larry Johnson takes him down by the hair, continues to hold onto it, then picks him up by it too...


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