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Opinions are like noses, everyone has one. My opinion is that the President  can now say MISSION ACCOMPLISHED, BECAUSE HE IS KILLING THE AMERICAN DREAM!  Can you remember him doing his speeches? I heard him telling his followers that he promised them that he would FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORM AMERICA, and the crowds went crazy and frantic. At that time I thought, Hmm, how? Because I understood what the word “fundamentally” meant and that was creepy.

Now I see that his promise is becoming a reality.  He is doing the change step by step and slowly but surely he is changing our system.  We already are victims of his interference with our privacy as citizens with his National Healthcare that he shoved down our throats and his stimulus to companies that he already knew were in danger of bankruptcy and he gave them the stimulus anyway.  Like Solyndra that went belly up, and our money is down the drain.

My opinion is that in less than 3 years he has done so much damage to our country that he is like a plague. He is not our president.  He is the president of the welfare people, SEIU, UNIONS, ACORN, and other welfare addicts, just like the ones we saw on OCCUPY PLACES, and remember he is in support of those people who OCCUPY PLACES ALL OVER THE COUNTRY because they practice the communist doctrine, taking from the rich to give to the poor.  The President said he wants to create more jobs (CONSTRUCTION jobs for UNIONS) again helping his cronies or electoral cheaters/helpers for 2012.

The president keeps on blaming the GOP about his failures.  He went all over the country with his Presidential gossip saying the GOP wants America to fail; the GOP won’t let me do this or that and is in the way.  He repeated it so many times that he has brainwashed the crowds that have no brain. And one evening I heard him say, if Congress doesn’t pass the stimulus he WOULD JUST SIGN AN EXECUTIVE ORDER WITHOUT THEM!  But how could this be right? We have no money! Bloody ignorant, can you hear me dirt bag, there is no more money left. My opinion is THIS TIME THIS PRESIDENT WOULD GO TOO FAR.  IF HE SIGNED THAT EXECUTIVE ORDER HE WOULD KILL THE DREAM OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND FUTURE GENERATIONS.  NOW A M E R I K A, What is on your mind? Welcome to the third world countries club……   


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I, for one, don't really want a dictator to run our country. The more inconsequential the Federal Goverment is the better off we are. The locals are difficult enough as it is.

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