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The Demonic Media and Liberals are at Work

Opinions are like noses and everyone has one and this is my opinion. Well, well, well, here we go.  Mr. Herman Cain day by day has risen in the polls and there is the possibility that he will be the GOP candidate for President. Consequently this makes Mr. Herman Cain a dangerous threat for the radical favorite candidate for the 2012 election.

Why?  Because Mr. Herman Cain is the ANTIDOTE to this president’s race card!   They are so afraid of this man that almost immediately the bloody, radical media machine and the evil liberal commies went to work in their evil workshop, digging to find something to discredit him and bingo they found one. They found an old sexual harassment charge that was discredited. One of the charges was that he stood next to her and said that she was the same height than his wife, and the accuser SHOUTED SEXUAL HARRASMENT!  What a freaking useless female is that?  She must have a very acute inferiority complex.

Damn you Liberals and radical media. America can you see that?   HERE, IN THIS PICTURE, THE ONLY VICTIM IS MR. HERMAN CAIN!  He is the victim of a shameless fabrication of lies and deception by the radical media and the liberals. The radicals are desperate because they want to re-elect this fraud in the white house, and they are going to keep on lying , deceiving, cheating and fabricating whatever they believe is going to work to destroy the reputation of an honest man.

They have a lot of experience doing this. Just remember this administration is running our country with the CHICAGO MAFIA, COMMIE MENTALITY.  FOR THEM THE END JUSTIFIES THE MEANS! They are not going to rest.  I warned you, America, that this was coming and it is becoming a reality. We need to be aware of this wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing. I would personally rather have A MARTIAN FOR PRESIDENT THAT THE RADICAL IN THE WHITE HOUSE! I love America. My love for America is branded in my heart.  By Juliya Kazimirov


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Fasten your seatbelts, cousins. you are not going to believe some of the "stuff" our liberal media is going to dredge up. And this is still 2011.

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