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The Accused, The Victim, The Lamb of Sacrifice!

Opinions are like noses, everyone has one, and this is my opinion. I believe that all those allegations against Mr. Herman Cain are fomented by the losers that see that the guy that is running against them is gaining terrain getting close the winning line.  So they want to trip him up to stop him from winning.

I believe that all the radicals are going bananas seeing this black man running fast with the trophy.  I don’t disregard the GOP Machine adding to the radical, socialist bastards, because the GOP wants their baby Mitt Romney to win. And they can’t stand to see Herman Cain, pizza salesman, and a non member of the ring of RINOS taking the lead and winning this race. Oh no, no, the GOP needs to pick their winner.

Let’s remember all those guys that were presidents, most of them were from elite schools and universities and they were  born  from  parents  with higher  degrees, than Herman Cain’s parents, including the newly elected president O’Dumbo, whose parents were elite professors.

So this man is alone, with followers that believe in him, and they don’t care if he graduated from the University of Pizza or Oxford or Yale. We just want an honest man, with cojones and Mr. Cain is that man.  The bloody radical media is trying to destroy this good honest man, just like they did with Sarah Palin. I am with him all the way. I don’t believe in secret, anonymous accusations because when it is so secretive, it usually means that the whole thing is just a fabrication and they are hiding behind the secrecy of their lawyers.

I don’t believe those women.  There are women that will play that part for a couple of bucks and the pleasure to destroy a man that they know  is clean of guilt, but due to their radicalism they do it to help president O’Dumbo win the election on 2012.

What happen to America? What happen to the legal system? Why has it happened to WE THE PEOPLE? We changed for the bad.  We have been infected by the virus of the SOCIALIST RADICALS and step by step we are becoming like them. WAKE UP AMERICA, we need to recognize that this president is an enemy of our freedoms and he really HATES AMERICA, and his ultimate goal is to DESTROY AMERICA AND SEE ALL AMERICANS ON THEIR KNEES PRAYING LIKE HIM TO A DIFFERENT GOD!

By Juliya Kazimirov


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Herman should be given a fair chance. These secret accusations are bogus. Mr. Cain is no Bill Clinton.

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