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Sexual Harassment is the New Job Creation in American Politics

Opinions are like noses everyone has one, and that’s my opinion. Every day I see America is becoming just another third world country, where YOU ARE GUILTY BEFORE PROVEN INNOCENT.   As we all know, the American people have always been very creative people on how to make money and believe it or not there is a new creative job of how to make money.

For your information there is a new business in America, SEXUAL HARASSMENT. You can see it is a new way to make a living and also to get a contract for a Book, Movie and TV Interviews.  Wow, so this means that all you have to do is pick a prominent person, use your creativity and accuse him or her of sexual harassment.  You don’t have to have a real case, dirty delinquent lawyers will do the rest, and “the accused will be guilty until proven innocent”.

Most of the prominent victims know how expensive it is to prove their innocence, so they decide to pay or what they call a settlement to end the problem, because they understand that this is expected.  All they want is money.

 WHAT?  THAT’S STUPID!  That is the problem, prominent people are being abused and they keep it quiet and don’t face reality.  So they are a part of the problem.  And this has been going on for years and now it is becoming a habit for many people.  Now it is becoming a weapon for the liberals who are eager to destroy a man like Mr. Herman Cain who is running for President of the United States of America. All this is because Mr. Cain is leading the pack of the GOP.  Therefore he is endangering the Re-election of the present President who just happens to be a radical –liberal.  So the followers of this president joined the Machine of Destruction of Character to start to work and fabricate something about Mr. Herman Cain.

As you are aware several women are accusing Mr. Cain of sexual harassment and as usual the media are like fleas on a skinny dog, all over him sucking his blood. Today I saw Mr. Cain doing a press conference or being attacked by the radical socialist WOLVES, asking ambiguous, misleading questions to try to entrap him and make him accept some guilt.


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Remember Clarence Thomas? He happened to be a Black Conservative also. Do we see a pattern developing? I hope not.

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