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Seven Deadly Sins of the NBPA Puts a Plague on the NBA House


After watching NBA players break every one of the Seven Deadly Sins over the past decade, the owners are counting on the players breaking one more. We expect the NBPA, or in layman’s terms, the union to be busted like a bunch of deadbeats in an Occupy city tent.

Players lost credibility years ago with their shenanigans, and the NBA owners have been all too willing to exploit the ill-will with the public.

Yes, fans, your local NBA players have shown lust in their multiple children from multiple wives, and their scandalous liaisons around the league with romps of every stripe. The owners who made them now want to destroy them for their antics.

Players have shown sloth, rage, gluttony, envy, greed, and now we can expect to see pride coming before the fall of the union. Owners have done as much, but their bad acts never see the print because they have bought the press.

How soon will it be before your favorite NBA slam dunker is dunked into the soup of debt from high living and loss of endorsement revenue? You won’t find any owners in that state.

We suspect that most players have a small nest-egg that has already been cracked open. The big stars have millions to fall back on for the foreseeable future, and the big names will continue to make appearances at supermarket openings and pretend to be experts in whatever sports media they are allowed to appear.

Alas, most players will soon be thinking they’ll be home for Christmas, and the stockings will be stuffed with payment due notices. The Grinch owns the arena, the team, the logos, and all else.

You can count on two leagues underwhelming the sea of fans. The NBA will find more scabs than a man with a thousand knife cuts may suffer. The players will start their own all-star traveling road show to find love and money among basketball squeaks on the parquet floor.

The Seven Deadly Sins are a sign of mortality, and those who practice venal behavior end up losing their longevity. The players are about to lose a season. They are in the game for the short haul before old age sends them to having a franchise of fried chicken restaurants.

Owners are in it for the long haul, keeping their investments diverse and their options open.

Because fame is fleeting, you can count on the players trying to make hay while the sun still shines, but the days are already growing shorter. The owners are like the Grim Reaper, waiting for Judgment Day.

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