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Say It Ain’t So, Ocho: Most Hated in NFL?



Research and polling reveals the shocking fact that Chad Ochocinco is the sixth most disliked player in the NFL.

To no one’s surprise among the worst cases, egregious in their flagrant bad boy lives, Michael Vick shares the top with Plaxico Burress. Occasional victim of rape charges, Ben Roethlisberger rounds out the top offenders.

Vick is disliked by 60% of the polled fans, and Burress is not far behind. Both have served jail time. Roethlisberger has 49% of disapproval. This is not unexpected.

The New England Patriots have managed to put on the most disappointing team in a decade during the off-season two of the top ten despised NFL players.

These are Albert Haynesworth and Chad Ochocinco. Now we recall that sexual harassment charges were filed against Haynesworth, but Ochocinco is merely guilty of being a serial tweeter and overly media savvy social media mogul.

To lump him into the crowd of criminal types seems a bit overboard. However, the idea that genius coach Bill Belichick signed two of the most disliked people in the game of pro football may be emblematic of how bad the season of 2011 is going.

The poll was taken before Albert Haynesworth starting fighting with one of the coaches on the sideline during the Sunday game with the New York Giants. Haynesworth and Coach Pepper Johnson had to be separated by NHL referee Bill Belichick.

Of course, Ochocinco is now in the company of losers like Tony Romo (#10 on the hit parade) who also seems only guilty of finding his face on the pages of the tabloids.

Carson Palmer, formerly retired Bengal quarterback who thought he might end up an endangered QB, went to the Oakland Raiders to try to improve his popularity. Sorry, Carson, it didn’t work. He is #8 on the all-despised list.

Ocho, however, remains a case of injustice. He has not played injured, has tried to play, wants to play, but has been a non-factor in the multifactorial Patriot scheme.

To be despised may be a good thing if you are into name recognition. After all, the old axiom was to make sure they spell your name right in the stories.

Alas, many an old grandmamma used to believe that you only had your name in the media twice: when you married for life, and when you died. Hated NFL stars would laugh out loud at that quaint notion.



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