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Reaction Mixed on Papelbon Signing Among Phillies’ Fans

The Philadelphia Phillies made big free agent news this week when they signed Boston closer Jonathan Papelbon to a four-year, $50 million contract.

Facebook reaction was mixed among Phillies and non-Phillies fans.

The reaction ranged from “this guy sucks,” to “The Phillies are becoming the Yankees” and “I would rather have Ryan Madson than this guy, he is washed up.”


Yeah, Madson is a good pitcher and did a great job in his first year as the fulltime closer. He had 32 saves, a 2.37 ERA and a 1.154 WHIP. Ryan-madson

His potential is growing, which gave fans pause.

Papelbon  is one of the league’s best closers for the past six years, perhaps only behind Yankee great Mariano Rivera.

Papelbon last season had 31 saves, with a 2.94 ERA and .933 WHIP. Papelbon

Since 2006, Papelbon has had 35, 37, 41, 38, 37, and last year 31 saves.

The Phillies had the chance to get the brass ring and they took it.

There was a report that the Phillies were close to a four-year, $44 million contract, but the Phillies denied the report.

Some announcers on 94-WIP said that Madson’s agent, Scott Boras may be difficult to work with, but agreed that the opportunity to sign Papelbon was too good to pass up.

Another source thought the Phillies used the Madson contract to set up the Papelbon deal.

Madson is a ground ball pitcher, while Papelbon is a fly ball pitcher.

This isn’t about Billy Wagner throwing 100 MPH to thrill the fans on a bad, to mediocre Phillies team.

This team is going for the brass ring and Papelbon, who throws serious heat, gives the Phillies a chance to improve.

Madson said he would talk once he moved to another team.

It will be interesting to see when that happens, later this month or December, or closer to spring training.

That will tell a lot if the Phillies were right in dealing with Papelbon’s agents rather than Boras, or Madson signs quickly, saying the Phillies used him as a pawn.

Either way, I believe the Phillies improved themselves as a team.



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