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Rajon Rondo Imitates Kendrick Perkins, Meets Clubbing Fans at Nightspot


After his bigtime charity game at Harvard on Saturday night, Rajon Rondo and several of his friends, including Josh Smith of the Atlanta Hawks and Nate Robinson of the Memphis Grizzlies went barhopping.

Rondo shocked fans at the game by bouncing a pass off his forehead to Rudy Gay for a dunk. After the game on Saturday night, Rondo was involved in an incident at a nightclub outside of Boston. Someone tried to throw a punch off the same forehead and claimed Rondo was guilty of bad manners.

In September in Texas, Rondo’s close friend and confidante, Kendrick Perkins was involved in a similar altercation with belligerent fans. Perkins was arrested, but Rondo was his elusive self.  Usually inseparable with Rondo, Kendrick Perkins was not reported to be with Rajon for the latest incident.

Never a good idea for celebrity athletes to go barhopping, another Boston contretemps occurred not a few weeks after New England Patriot Julian Edelman received a yellow flag for his untoward dance moves.

Rondo did not accost anyone, but was perceived to be “unpersonable” and “disrespectful.” According to reports, a man named Valarezo (not a Celtics fan) took umbrage at the Garbo of the Celtics.

Before he could assume the position of John L. Sullivan, Mr. Valarezo was under the collective power of Rondo’s personal entourage. They took him down readily, and not a feather in Rondo’s boa was ruffled.

Police noted no one was under the influence of alcohol, but that Rondo once again showed bar patrons all the disdain that Greta Garbo usually reserved for her leading men.

The Lowell, Massachusetts, nightspot named Brian’s Ivy Hall was in a league of its own Saturday night, and now will live in the annals of sports infamy.

Valarezo was defending the honor of all patrons when he claimed Mr. Rondo pushed off. Though that may be a foul in the NBA, nowadays it ranks up there with a double dribble. 

Though some unconfirmed reports claimed Rajon Rondo remained cool and unscathed, a few patrons reported that he likely wanted to be alone and thought a nightclub was the place to meet his desires. 

There was no information on what dance tunes Rondo preferred.

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