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Punic Wars Have Nothing on Boston and Philadelphia Rivalry


The rivalry between Boston and Philadelphia goes back a couple of centuries.

Ben Franklin left Boston to move to the city of Brotherly Love, and lately Bostonians were less upset  when Jonathan Papelbon took his talents to South Philly. We won't even mention the ancient battles between the 76ers and the Celtics.

Now we are engaged in another skirmish with the patriotic opposition down below the Schuykill River, which simply cannot compare to the Charles for sheer audacity of city spirit. 

The Eagles are taking on the Patriots in a battle of football this weekend.

This may not rank up with the Battle of Bunker Hill, and we are more likely to see a white flag from Andy Reid than the whites of the eyes of Asante Samuel. The Eagles are balder and bolder than any team with a dog-eat-dog quarterback who is kennel-bound.

The Eagles will not have Vick, but Patriots have Gronk. We would rather have the Gronk on our side than a team with a pooch kicker.

The Founding Fathers chose to move their deliberations to Philadelphia, hightailing it down the Boston Post Road to warmer climes.

Tom Brady, like Tom Paine, prefers common sense approach to the game. Boston fans don’t expect a tea party when it comes to a face-off with Philly, and there is not likely to be a massacre either.

The Eagles may wear green, but the Green Mountain Boys of New England were the best guerillas in the mists of time.

What do the Eagles really have? DeSean (or is that LeSean?) is a punk for whom there is no Patriot counterpoint. He’s the one that uses gay slurs with impunity. The other one is the real McCoy for scoring.

The final battle call will come down to Andy Reid and Bill Belichick. Though fat-cat coaches like Reid and Rex Ryan are constantly licking their chops, it is Bill Belichick who savors the victory more often than his heavyweight counterparts.

Belichick still has the mean and hungry look, befitting a would-be football Caesar.


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