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Happy Thanksgiving: Philly Sports Fans are Thankful for...

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Fittingly, we have provided a list of people who are thankful in the world of Philadelphia sports...

Phillies Papelbon



  1. The fans are thankful for practically everything!  The Phillies put zero effort into winning throughout my entire youth.  These days, they are picking up the best players in baseball left and right.  The past few seasons may have been disappointing, but not for a lack of effort.  Thanks guys, keep it up!


  • We can be thankful Ryan Madson has an asshole agent.  Scott Boras is so clever he got the Phillies to give his client absolutely nothing.  The result: we get Papelbon...Sweet!!!
  • We are thankful Raul Ibanez's contract is finally up!


  • Thank you for making Chris Pronger the Captain.  Finally, we have a leader!
  • We are thankful the Flyers finally decided to get a real goalie.
  • We are thankful Philadelphia gets to host the Winter Classic.  That Rocks!


  • We are thankful Donovan McNabb is no longer our quarterback.  It took a while but the secrets out.. he sucks!!!
  • Juan Castillo.. uh, no thanks!
  • Castillo, however, is thankful for Reid.  No other moron on earth would have ever made the Offensive Line Coach a Defensive Coordinator.
  • We would like to thank the Eagles ahead of time for firing Andy Reid -- whenever that may happen.  Dare I say, if that ever happens. 
  • Andy Reid Thanksgiving DinnerAndy Reid would like to thank the NFL for not scheduling them to play this Thanksgiving.  He gets to stay home and stuff his face!


  • We would like to thank the Sixers for taking the year off.  Nobody cares anyway!


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