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Philadelphia Eagles storyline: No Giant blowout here, but late collapse likely

When the season began, the Philadelphia Eagles vs. New York Giants seemed to be a big divisional matchup at the MetLife Stadium, set for 8:20 p.m Sunday.

However, Eagles quarterback Michael Vick is out with two broken ribs and the Eagles are mired at 3-6.

The Giants have won a few close ballgames, but seem to win close games, while the Eagles lose them.

That is why the Giants are 6-3 and the Eagles are 3-6.

The last I checked, Vegas had the Giants as a six-point favorite. That is three points for home and a three-point favorite.

With Vick out, Mr. “Dream Team” comes to bat.

Vince Young, formerly of Tennessee, will quarterback for the Eagles. Eagles_Football

He has thrown one pass this season, an interception.

But you think with a running back like LeSean McCoy, the Eagles would run the ball as their greatest chance to win. McCoy rushing

But the frustrating think about Eagles coach Andy Reid is that he has always been a pass first, run second.

Throw the pass to set up the run.

“I should have done a better job,” is his staple after a loss.

However, if the Eagles come out running the ball, it is because Reid does not have faith in Young’s ability to win the game through the air.

I think that will be the case and the Eagles will build an early lead.

DeSean Jackson? While the Eagles have not quit, I think this guy has, wandering through the season in contract blues. Desean_jackson_philadelphia_eagles-726

A fourth-quarter collapse is almost a guarantee, unless they pull out a game like the Dallas win.

Not likely.

Giants 27, Eagles 20.



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