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Penn State Football & Catholicism: When the New Religion Meets the Old

PaternoWHEN IN DOUBT…DIAL 9-1-1          It occurred to me this morning that there are a lot a similarities between the Penn State Football child abuse scandal and the child abuse scandal that rock the Catholic Church several years ago.

Established Church = Football Factory

Pope = Coach Paterno

Cardinal Law = PSU Athletic Director

The Faithful = We Are Penn State

To say that the Catholic Church is the “old school” of the Christian religion is an understatement.  I am not Catholic but my wife is so I am very familiar with the hierarchy that the church has and how they go about business. 

Pope-JohnYou cannot look at the Catholic Church with 21st Century eyes; they think and act 1600s more than the 2000s.  The mistake the Catholic Church made when they had abuse issues within their ranks is they thought that they could handle it within their tightly formed ranks.  God will fix the issue and it will all go away.

What made the church change their tune was money.  Catholics in mass stopped giving money to the church and the church responded to correct the issue.

Penn State Football is part of the new religion within the United States.  That religion is football.  The new religion has its religious leaders, its saints, its angels, Penn stateits devils, its meek, its converted and its guy on a cross.  The mistake PSU made was they thought that they could handle the issue internally.  Winning football games and making money will make it all go away.  They were both wrong.

The mistake that both organizations made from the beginning was that they simply should have dialed 9-1-1.  If either group had just contacted local law enforcement then their consciences could have been clean.  Let them figure it out.  It’s their job.  If there is no issue or false claims they can handle that.  If there is an issue they can handle that too.

Child abuse is no joking matter as we all know.  Why both organizations handled it the way they did makes no sense to me and may never be fully explained.  Unfortunately, money may have been the root of all evil in both religions both Christianity and Football.  Both need to be punished on this Earth and beyond because the cover up is as bad as the act. 




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