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Patriots Leaving on a Jets Plane--They Got Their Boarding Pass


John Denver allowed Peter, Paul and Mary to leave the airport with his tune humming in their heads. Now New England Patriot fans are into the wild blue yonder after the Jets give their playoff hopes back to the Patriots. 

Meanwhile, the Jets sit on the tarmac, listening to a loudmouth pilot on the loudspeaker. They are intentionally grounded again.

The Patriot bags are packed. They are ready to go, standing inside the gate for first place. The Patriots wake up as they prepare to leave their great rivals crying at about a full body scan at airport security.

Dawn is breaking over Bill Belichick’s head. It’s either early mourning, or the end of the day for Rex Ryan.

The taxi squad is waiting, and Ryan is blowing his horn.

Patriot fans are so happy that they could cry. It’s kiss-off time, as the team asks fans to smile and to hold hands like the ride will never end.

The reality is that the maligned Patsies are leaving for the playoff scene on a Jets plane. No one knows when the Jets will be back again. Fans love to see them go.

Lately the Patriots have let fans down, and Tom Brady’s just played around bad defense.

The pass defense doesn’t mean anything to the Pats. Every place they go, there’s another score. Every opponent’s score leaves the Patriot fans thinking they will wear again another Super Bowl ring.

It’s not a catchy tune for the Patriots, but the Jets are taking off in time to crash and burn again. Apologies to Denver—John, that is.


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