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Patriot Coach Bill Belichick Trashes the Red Sox Computer



Somewhere amid the dullest moments of another pedestrian New England press conference with Bill Belichick, a funny thing happened on the way to the Apple Store.

A techie/media savvy nerd/journalist asked about using iPads instead of loose-leaf binders for weekly game-plans of the Patriots.

Though everyone expected Belichick to insist that 21st century proponents of social media ought to get a horse, he tore a hole into the Twittersphere with his response, dwarfing the hole in the Ozone over Antarctica. 

No one should expect Albert Einstein to deal with neutrinos, and no one should expect Bill Belichick to deal with iPads. 

The only pad Coach Belichick understands is the bachelor pad and how to use it, circa 1962 standards.

Asking the man who never used social media and who twists the names of Tweeting's parents into Yearbook and My Face about an iPad may be tantamount to asking old Bill whether he has ever unfriended a fan.

Belichick, much to his credit, admitted that the Patriots probably have the technical hardware to put the entire team on the Moon. Most fans would be content to know the Patriots have the wherewithal to put the entire team in the Super Bowl.

Suffice it to say, neither the Kindle Fire nor the new Nook Tablet will be making an appearance under the Belichick Christmas tree this season. Bill can’t tell a hacker from a hackey-sacker.

Somewhere along Yawkey Way in Boston, the Red Sox staple and backbone of the 2011 collapse, Carmine the Sox Computer, just took a hit in the memory bank of useless statistics.

Bill Belichick plays Moneyball the old-fashioned way. He earns it.




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