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Pass the Crown! (Gift Unveiled Update -- 11.17.2011)

The RSBSians have spoken!

And y'all told us to open that bag up.

So we did.

And here's what we've won...

Oakley’s newest Blender shades are the perfect mix for active lifestyles. Lightweight C-5 alloy is combined with O-Matter earstems and sure-grip Unobtainium for unrivaled comfort and durability. Slide these on with confidence whether enjoying your Crown Royal on the mountain or by the beach!

Whoa! Hot dang! They had me at Unobtainium!

The Pass the Crown gift exchange will go on until December 15th. In that time, any one of the 17 remaining internet superstars can decide to steal our gift, in which case, we would get theirs, so stay tuned for any necessary updates. Once our final prize is announced we will don one dear reader as the Ultimate RSBS Fan (must be 21 or older) and he/she will take home the goods! Remember to email us a picture showing why you are the Ultimate RSBS Fan to [email protected].


Jeff, Allen, Johanna & the Interns

Also, don't forget: if you like the snazzy embroidery on the signature Crown Royal bag, make sure you check out how you can personalize your very own! They make fantastic gifts. In fact, RSBS is thinking of getting one for new Cubs President Theo Epstein that reads: Whiskey... for when watching the Cubs 162 times a year is your job.


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