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Ohio State hired Urban Meyer as its head football coach. Aren’t Coaches supposed to be teachers?

Today, Ohio State University hired Urban Meyer as its head football coach. "The contract includes $4 million in base salary, bonuses — for everything from players’ graduation rates to playing in a national championship, up to $700,000 annually — and lump payments in 2014, 2016 and 2018"

Public School teachers around the country are being laid off, having their benefits reduced, and are having to take furlough days while there are more students in each class and there is more pressure to increase tests scores.

Aren’t Coaches supposed to be teachers?

There are many more college coaches earning in excess of $1 million per year.

Coaches are supposed to be teachers. I do not enjoy college sports anymore. I believe that recruiting is 85% to 90% of the job. I once asked a former professional player who played for a large college and he agreed.

College sports are not sports, they are big business. They bring in sponsors who try to influence the sports programs. They bring in recruits drawn by the success of the school. They entertain.

Many students attend college on athletic scholarships just to reach the pros. How many graduate? Playing professional sports after college is rare. You have to be very good, be noticed, and be healthy.

Does college really prepare the athletes for life if they do not play professional ball? Do colleges just use the athletes to draw fans, sponsors, alumni, and to make money?

The bottom line is the bottom line. Make money for the college.  Coaches beyond high school are not teachers. They are recruiters.

As a third grade teacher did I do more to prepare students for their future education and for their life than college coaches do?  College coaches must win or else. Teachers much teach and the students must learn from that teaching or else for the students.

Colleges want to win and make money. Teachers are there to teach and to survive financially. Who is more important in the world?
Former Lakers’ Coach Phil Jackson on college basketball players:

"What I've heard from college coaches is that the players . . . end up coming to school and spending part of a semester getting their grades in position so they can be eligible for the second semester and then they stop doing anything as a student and school becomes a joke for them,"


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